Memory Monday: IW through the Anniversaries!

Howdy Ice Warriors  -Tips Hat-

Can you believe Ice Warriors (IW) will turn 15 in just two days? In America, IW would technically be old enough to obtain a learner’s permit for driving and go wherever it wants to go! However, IW has been going places since it turned one. It’s a blessing for IW to be one of the fewest armies out there who turns 15 this week and STILL continues to dominate the army community. Through the tournament, wins and losses, the wars, leadership changes, top 10s, and dominating maxes, IW, no matter, stays on top! We will honor IW’s 15th birthday by traveling back to the past and seeing how IW celebrated their anniversaries and went on!

Disclaimer: Not every single Anniversary is covered in this article.

1st-2nd & 4th Anniversary

As many of you know, our lord and savior, Iceyfeet1234, created Ice Warriors on June 1st, 2007. Discord didn’t exist back then, so they were established by social networking site called Through the first two years, Ice Warriors was on a rollercoaster per se. Dark Warriors, in fact, merged into Ice Warriors during the 1st year when IW opened, and in 2008, sadly, people tried to overthrow Iceyfeet1234, but he said, “I don’t think so, bub,” and IW was led back to its golden age during the Legends cup. Unfortunately, there aren’t many articles about IW celebrating its first two years and 4th year; however, I am sure Icey would have had a dedicated event to celebrate IW’s accomplishments during those times.

3rd Anniversary

Before jumping into IW’s 3rd-anniversary, IW went against the Army of Club Penguin in an epic practice battle, maxing 25+, and was claimed victorious for this battle. They took this victory into celebrating IW’s 3rd Anniversary on June 1st on Subzero, partying in everyone’s decorated igloos, followed by a party on xat later in the evening.

ACP vs. IW practice battle right before their 3rd Anniversary!

5th Anniversary

In 2012, IW’s 5th Anniversary landed on the weekend! You would have thought that IW would have partied the entire weekend. However, it was more of a sad weekend as Iceyfeet1234 announced his retirement. June 1st landed on a Friday where IW held two separate events for IW’s 5th Anniversary,  for EU and US troops on Subzero. They partied in igloos for most of the event. On Saturday, they had an epic practice battle with Arctic Warriors. On Sunday, June 3rd, Iceyfeet1234 retired from Ice Warriors and became an advisor. Leadership was passed on to the legendary Albert417.

6th Anniversary 

In 2013, Albert417 said, let’s prove our dominance by having a practice battle against the enemy, Doritos of CP. This actually took place on June 2nd. On June 1st, they celebrated IW’s 6th Anniversary by partying in igloos.

7th Anniversary

For the 7th anniversary celebration, It didn’t seem like IW hosted ANOTHER igloo party; however former IW leader/ IW Legend, KingFunks4, honored IW’s 7th birthday by writing a dedicated post. He honored IW for its success through its tournament wins and praised many people responsible for keeping IW on top. In fact, I would believe this is where the trend, IW being the first “warrior” army, originated where Iceyfeet1234 created a movement that saw the naming of new “warrior” armies. You can find that post here.

8th Anniversary

On June 7th, 2015, IW celebrated its 8th Anniversary on CP as they did formations and tactics together, and they maxed 44 penguins!

Making noise for IW’s 8th birthday!

IW doing smiley faces for their 8th Anniversary!

9th Anniversary 

IW is literally almost a decade old at this point. During this time, Iceyfeet1234 wasn’t active at all. You could only contact him via Kik (If you know, you know) or email. However, Iceyfeet1234 did return back and wrote a short but sweet post honoring IW’s 9th Anniversary. At that time, IW Leader, DrMatt (THERE WAS ANOTHER DOCTOR LEADER??), logged on to CP on server Husky for their 9th-anniversary celebration event and maxed 35 troops!

Celebration for 9th Anniversary!

Nobody likes cake more than Iceyfeet1234

10th Anniversary

The 10th Anniversary sadly, was a rough one. Around the end of March 2017, Club Penguin had closed down; hence, Iceyfeet1234 decided it would be best to close IW’s doors. Iceyfeet did mention that on June 1st, 2017, they will celebrate the 10th Anniversary as a reunion on XAT. However, I sadly couldn’t find much information regarding if that reunion actually went on or not. I sure hope they did, and they had lots of cake!

Sadly, Ice Warriors ended as everyone thought IW would never reopen again. The 11th & 12th were celebrated in spirit, and I am sure people on XAT still communicated with each other throughout IW closure. Long live Ice Warriors…. but wait? Ice Warriors came back CPPS ERA?!?! On December 20th, 2019, Ice Warriors reopened around, hosting events on CPO and establishing themselves on Discord!

13th Anniversary 

On June 1st, 2020, IW celebrated its 13th Anniversary by participating in the first round of Legends Cup against Sky Troops. However, they never showed up for round 1; they decided to turn it into an IW birthday party. Ice Warriors maxed a grand 67 troops for round 1 of the Legends cup & IW’s birthday celebration bash!

Forever Legends

Can you find yourself here?

14th Anniversary 

“14 years of dedication and dominance, many more to come” – IW Legend, Erick09

You can say IW’s 14th Anniversary was sure a legendary one. On June 5th, 2021, IW maxed a whopping total of 85 troops on Club Penguin Armies (Army-based CPPS) in honor of its 14th birthday. This is the highest maxing anniversary event known for today! Ice Warriors celebrated with fun events throughout the week in Discord. They logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to celebrate IW’s 14th birthday as leaders did tactics and formation and honored some of IW’s former Leaders/Legends.

Where it all began!

Lots of Puffle love! (Btw Freedomist Puffles are not food)

15th Anniversary 

And now we are here in the year 2022… How will IW’s 15th Anniversary celebration occur? I can assure you that the Leaders and Leaders in Training have worked really hard to bring an enjoyable week for you guys! Hopefully, we can have a high-maxing event for our 15th Anniversary!

Well, as you can see, not every IW anniversary celebration was perfect. As veterans and new warriors, we all stick together through thick and thin. That’s how we get passed all the adversities and remain as one the longest, strongest dominating armies out there today! I honestly hope you enjoyed your trip with me in traveling back and time to see how IW has celebrated its Anniversary throughout the years.

As the 18th CPPS-era leader of Ice Warriors, I want to thank everyone who has stuck with us and continues to believe in Ice Warriors throughout the years and today. I am truly grateful for you all, and I wish for an incredible 15th Anniversary week! Happy Birthday, IW!

:pinkhearts~1: Live life from one high to another. :pinkhearts~1:


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