TOTW, ROTW, ROTM, SMOTW: 2022 First Half-Year Recap

Yeehaw, Ice Warriors!

Happy almost summer for most of you all! Can’t believe how fast this year is going by, and to think of all the accomplishments that IW has made. So far this year, have you gotten either Troop, Recruiter, Staff Member of the Week or Reporter of the Month? Well this is your time to shine because if you were awarded one of these prestigious titles YOU will be featured in this article! The IW Mango Seed is ready to present to you all… the TOTW, ROTW, ROTM, and SMOTW First Half-Year Recap!

January – June 2022:

Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Members of the Week:

January 3rd: Hunter3 & Kee BumbleBee & DrQueen & Aiga & DelightedGoyal

January 10th: eqix & ♥𝓿𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓭♥ & Hunter3 & Mogi4 & Timothy

January 17th: Cooke & kevin liu & Luna & Sebzy

January 24th: 1213wi & MilkyWayy & Purple & Sirgon

January 31st: Kapi & Omer & 69Chekochekdar & Hunter3 & Via & Cloudy

February 7th: Queen Anna & Kay^^ & Hunter3 & Infinite

March 6th: daddy_SlexXd11 & youssy & Pink Parispenguin & Infinite & Lucy & Hunter & Josh

March 13th: ✿ 𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖔𝖔𝖓! ✿ & Dolores & Jay & Clindsz

March 20th: Blankest & BronyFan27 & Disha (Ally of the Week) & Cloudy

March 27th: Feigh.A & RamenBender6

April 10th: Hilal & silver boy & Alu

April 17th: aprx & DelightedGoyal

April 24th: Gh0st & Mogi4

May 1st: E11_ON_CRACK & Timothy

May 8th: Granola Bar & Hunter3

May 15th: Galaxar & HeadChicken

May 22nd: Chey & Maya

May 29th: Cloudyy Josh

January – June Reporter of the Month:

January: Penguin

February: Josh

March: silver boy

April: Josh

May: No ROTM

That’s a wrap! Hope you all got to see your name included in this post. If not you always have until December to obtain one of these titles to be included in the recap later in the year! Be sure to check out #event-information on our Discord server to see when the next anniversary event is taking place. Until then…

Don’t Freeze Up! :iwsalute~2:

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