Q&A: Xat vs Discord

Why Hello there Ice Warriors, it sure has been a while, hasn’t it? Happy 14th Anniversary Y’all! 

The great week we are having, right? Summertime is closing in, Winter too in the southern regions. What better start for the week other than the Kickoff for the 14th IW Anniversary, which was held Sunday. Fun events await us in the future, but not only that, fun articles too.

This week’s Q&A article focuses on the old chatting method for armies, Xat. There are many of you that are not aware of this website, or might’ve heard faint stories about it… but today, we are going to go deeper into this old chat, and for that, we will be asking some of our dear IW Veterans and CP Armies Veterans too, How can we compare the two? Which one is better? Well, I’m just as curious as you are, so keep on reading and find out with me!

Given your own opinion, In what ways is Xat better than Discord?

Owl: I honestly don’t think Xat is better, it’s just nostalgic

Orange: I think xat did a couple things better, for starters xat powers were SO cool I remember having all sorts of different powers, another thing they did better is you could see what chat your friend was chatting on so it was easier to find people.


Given your own opinion, In what ways is Discord better than Xat?

Regan: In my humble and 100% honest nonbias opinion. Discord is way more organized as you have many channels to keep things in check while xat was just one. Also for events because back in the xat days everyone would talk during an event and the only way to stop was to hush the chat which cost money.

Snow: I would say that in many aspects, Discord is better than xat mainly because of how advanced it is compared to xat. For example, the IW discord right now has over 20,000 members, which is a crazy achievement whereas xat was more limited in terms of chatroom sizes since we would usually have around 20-30 people online on xat for events (on a good day). Hosting events on discord is also better as xat events were generally more slow-paced since we couldn’t copy word tactics like you can on discord and we had to type it out word to word (VC leaders weren’t a thing either then) . We weren’t able to lock down the chat during xat events so we just had to put up with troops talking during the event and trust they wouldn’t interrupt- though it did help in making events much more lively. I’d also say Discord is better in terms of emphasizing the safety of users since there are now greater measures to protect yourself (turning off DMs, 2FA) and also in the IW discord (e.g anti-raid bot, checking message logs) and I feel there’s now more consideration of people’s safety in the Discord era than we ever had on xat. And of course, discords got the nitros LOL.

Snow always coming in clutch with detailed answers
If you ever had the opportunity, Would you change the IW Chat back to Xat, if so, Why?
Lemonade1S: I would not change the IW chat back to Xat. While Xat was fun and it’s so nostalgic for some of us boomers in IW, it’s so outdated compared to Discord. You couldn’t VC, couldn’t stream, announcing events was difficult and mostly done on the website, there was only one channel and it was the main channel, no lockdowns during events, etc. It’s just way more primitive compared to Discord but Xat did walk so Discord could run :smart~1: Regardless, Xat could not handle New Gen IW :xd~2:
Iceyfeet1234: Probably not, discord has so many more features than xat that are very useful for IW, and the fact that xat is on its way out and discord is continuing to grow makes it the better option.:biasalute~1:

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