Time Capsule: CPO Recruiting

Hello Ice Warriors,

If you spend enough time in any of the primary chat channels, and you may come across long-time IW members spouting phrases such as: “JOIN THE ICE WARRIORS OF CP AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS” or “JOIN THE ICE WARRIORS OF CP FOR FREE COINS”. Nowadays, they are likely used for a combination of nostalgia and ironic humor but go back far enough, and they served a different purpose, for a different time.

Nobody could resist the iconic Tuba Gang, sponsored by none other than Kally herself.

Before using CPArmies, Ice Warriors and many other armies used the now-defunct Club Penguin Online for armies. After releasing in 2018, popularity increased gradually but exploded once the pandemic and its implications became clear. This boom in a player base made it an ideal ecosystem for armies, many of which were revived mere months before, if even. A virtuous cycle was created wherein CPO allowed armies to thrive, and they allowed it to be even more successful. In terms of recruiting, this cycle allowed it to be nothing less than a hotspot. We even got our own special code, pictured below.

As many of the IW members were recruited from Club Penguin Online, the entry barrier to recruiting was effectively nill. After joining, troops of all ranks were able to mingle for the common goal of making IW even bigger, often in the presence of IW leaders. This in turn made the recruiters more dedicated to IW and even more inclined to recruit. It was yet another virtuous cycle for armies, and IW took full advantage of it.

Who could forget CPO Coins?

CPO Recruiting wasn’t solely used because it was fun. At the time, armies took on a complementary role, so why not recruit from the game we use? While it was not our only means of recruiting, it got excellent results, even if more than a few people gave baseless accusations that we were bots. The fruits of CPO Recruiting really came to fruition in battles as we consistently maxed around 100 troops per battle. It’s no wonder full rooms were such an annoyance.

Always remember not to bunch!

An accurate representation of our memories of CPO Recruiting.

I was lucky enough to be able to interview three veteran recruiters who have experience with CPO. Hopefully, their statements will truly cement why it was so unforgettable and is still remarked about today.

Me: To you, what made CPO Recruiting Special, and why did you enjoy it?

IceQueen: CPO Recruiting was special to me as it was something we could do collectively with troops and staff. Back then, the coins were enough to grab my attention to attend events whether they were CPO recruiting events or battles. It was super good fun and whilst I was doing it as a troop it was really rewarding being able to help Ice Warriors grow! I’ll always remember CPO recruiting as a HUGE party where we would turn Club Penguin Online blue! #WANTFREECOINSANDCODES? #EARN4000COINSTHROUGHEVENTS! #MAKEAMAZINGFRIENDS! #JOINICEWARRIORSTODAY!

Me: I absolutely agree. The ability for anyone to help IW and hang out with high ranking members was truly legendary. And who could ever forget CPO coins? Thank you for your time, and may our memories of CPO recruiting motivate us to make IW even better.

Trinity: CPO Recruiting was pretty much a way to bring us all together. There would always be recruiting events either before/after battles, and sometimes even just spread out randomly. We all got to log on together, troops, staff, and HCOM, which made it a fun collaborative thing. Sometimes, we would do this thing where we would try to see who could convince one person online to join by crowding around them, which would be really fun and make the whole thing just more of a fun thing to do rather than a job. I enjoyed it because I got to spend time with the friends I had made, and I got to make new friends along the way!

Me: Yes! I really liked being able to interact with troops of all ranks and help IW grow. Not to mention that it felt really good to get people to join and interact directly with IW Leaders :))

Trinity: Of course, especially leaders! They used to get quite involved, and would also make it quite fun! For example, I can remember Regan, Agent11, and Flamez would all troll around quite a bit haha. It made it fun for everyone!

Me: That is pretty funny lol. Thank you for your time, and may IW continue to thrive and get even better.

Law: CPO recruiting was special because of the people you did it with. There was rarely just one person recruiting so it was really fun. And also the people you meet while recruiting gave some great experiences. From being really excited to join and get coins to yelling at you. I met a ton of people then and I could recruit for hours while still having tons of fun at it. I miss that type of recruiting a lot.

Me: Absolutely, the melting pot of experiences helped make recruiting on CPO so special. CPO Coins for days mate…

There you have it. An activity that brought IW members of all ranks together in a time of extreme isolation. Even if it may have died in disgrace, the memories created in CPO and during CPO recruiting will forever live on as diamonds in what many views as a world of dirt.


IW Forever and Always



Ice Warriors Staff


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  1. Nice post, Blu!! I joined late onto the CPO train but even in my short time there, it was so fun!

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    • TY for the kind words Lemon. I was also late to CPO, but I have so many fond memories recruiting and whatnot :))


  2. if only CPO was still alive :pensive:

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  3. good times

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