Christmas Chaos Preparation: PB with DC [AUSIA]

❄️Strong Ausia❄️

Today we logged on Alaska for a friendly practice battle to get prepared for the Christmas Chaos! This time we met with the Dark Champions! Even if it was a short PB, we were able to do some tactics, bombs and formations!

Since it was a friendly PB, we didn’t declare any winners, but as always thanks for everyone who came! We also ended the event with some Sled Racing. Amazing job guys.

AUSIA Max: 56

(ignore the !size IWP & IWG pictures)

Event Pictures!

Make sure to check out our discord for our next events! Also get ready for the tournament battle this Sunday!!

Kings Never Die

2 Responses

  1. IW forever :IWdab:


  2. Go To our Discord to join Our Events :eh:


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