Ice Warriors Civil War: 1st Battle

Don’t Freeze Up!

Today we logged on Alaska for the first battle of our Civil War! The event had four rooms to battle with each room being used for 5 minutes! This time our teams were:

Troops + Iceyfeet1234 vs Staff + Staff in Training vs HCOM + Leaders

We did an amazing battle with such good formations, tactics, bombs and of course we had A LOT OF FUN! Here are the results if you missed them:

Max: 64

Battle Pictures!


After going through the Docks, Iceberg, Stadium and Cove, the results as mentioned before ended in favor of our Staff / Staff in Training! Congrats!

Also, we had some funny moments in our chats during leading!

The lightning bolt formation by Orange
(I think it wasn’t directed to Subster)

Thanks to everyone who attended! Make sure to check our discord for our upcoming big events!!

Kings Never Die

2 Responses

  1. Ahahaha it’s nice to see the staff had as much fun as us troops did 😀
    This was a really nice event I hope we have more like this in the future



    Great job, Ice Warriors! Let’s have another chaotic event soon (;


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