A Day in the Life of an Ice Warriors Leader

Every practice battle, every invasion, and every tournament, we witness our amazing IW leaders lead us to an ice victory. However, there’s more to being a leader than just leading events. There are many behind the scenes activities that occur, to make sure that IW is running smoothly. But have you ever wondered, “What is a day like for an IW leader?”

It would be an understatement to say, every day is a typical day for these leaders. In all honesty, it’s quite hard to map out a typical day, as each day brings on new challenges and adventures for these leaders. I decided to sit down with IW leaders Alex & Erick to gain their insight on what a day would look like on a day of a big battle.

Their day begins by preparing for the battle. “When we are at big battles, we always have tactics list ready to show up, including bombs and who will lead.”, says Erick. Tactic preparation constitutes a good percentage of battle prep, as well as communication among the entire HCOM/staff team. “It’s really important to stay organized with the other leaders and members of the staff team. This includes preparing tactics with the other leaders and logging onto CP to test and make sure that they all look good!” Claims Alex. As well, you will find the leaders periodically reminding troops about the upcoming event in the main chat.

One hour before the battle, its “all-hands-on-deck” for these leaders. 

“About an hour before the event we start hyping up all of our troops. I often DM troops individually that I have relationships with to make sure that they are ready for the battle as well. Once we begin logging on, myself and the other leaders begin to monitor our size and try to determine what our max is going to be for that event. If allies support is needed during a battle we also reach out to our allied armies during this time.” – Alex

You can find these leaders hyping up the chat alongside the staff members and sending out pings to announce the server and room location for log on. At times, some leaders will handle VC leading for major events. This is also a time for these leaders to get mentally ready for the battle. Let’s get a sneak peek of Erick’s pre-battle hype:

“To be honest, in my case, I usually play some songs before the event starts, I’ve been listening to My Chemical Romance’s songs these days and can’t get them out of my head now LOL. I usually also have something to drink like a monster.” – Erick

Erick drinking a can of Monster while listening to My Chemical Romance & Alex listening to Ariana Grande & sipping her Starbucks right before the battle to mentally prepare!

During battles, focus is key. Leaders must be quick on speed to send out the appropriate tactics, emotes, formations, bombs, and monitor the time between each tactic and watch out for room switches as well till the end. 

As we are all celebrating our ice victory, the leaders are still working. “When the battles end, we usually take care of promotions, posting the next event so everyone can react and prepare for it, making the event summary on the website and if there are things such as giveaways, we also have that in mind”, claims Erick. This couldn’t have been all accomplished without our amazing staff/HCOM team as well. “I always make sure to tell our staff members that I appreciate all of the hard work that they put in as well as thanking them for the efforts pre and during the battle.”- Alex. 

It now approaching the end of the day and the leaders finally have time to relax! Most of the time, you may see these leaders (including Erick & Alex) playing Among Us with the troops, taking some time away from the computer or watching something funny. Even though it’s relaxing time, our leaders are still keeping a keen eye on the main chat making sure a healthy and safe environment is maintained! 

After reading this, do you think leading IW is considered a full-time job? 

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what a day could look like for the leaders and that this helped you gain a greater appreciation for all the hard-work our fabulous IW leaders put into IW.

Until then, don’t freeze up!


Ice Warriors News Centre Reporter

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  1. That’s so cool! Yes, I do think it is a full time job lol
    Ty Fusion and DrQueen <33

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  2. Amazing post DrQueen! Loved it.

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  3. Who is this person they seen cool but idk who they are hmm it was a good post but I wish Ibknew who this person was

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  4. Yeah this def seems like a full time job o.o
    This was a great post, it’s nice getting an idea of what the Leaders have to do :3

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  5. When are we going to save regan from icey

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  6. This was an amazing article twin! Amazing insight into all the hard work that our leaders do! It defo does sound like a full time job XD😊💙

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  7. Great article :))


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