Q&A: Which Steph is the Real Steph?

Hey Ice Warriors!

For this week’s Q and A, I waddled around the island to ask our HCOM & Staff your burning hot questions. What was asked and who did I ask? Read below to find out!!! Warning: Some of these answers are just straight chef’s kiss!

DrQueen: Which Steph is the real Steph? (𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓅𝒽 vs. Lemonade1Sonic)

𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓅𝒽: Well hello IW! This is Steph (which Steph you ask? Well, you are about to know) I am here today to prove to you that I AM the real Steph. There can only be one superior Steph, let the fight for the Steph title begin. First proof that I’m the real Steph: My name is actually Steph on Discord whilst Lemon’s name is Lemonade1s!!!! This is clearly proof enough but I have more!

Second proof: When we are in the chat, people will refer to me as Steph and to Lemon as Lemonade/Lemon. Proof by DrQueen herself!

Finally, I am the real Steph because Steph is Steph but Lemon is not Steph since Steph is Steph but Lemon is also Steph but not the real Steph since Steph is also Steph so Steph can’t be Lemon even though Steph is also Lemon because Steph is Steph therefore Steph is the real Steph. This is it guys, here is the undeniable proof that I, STEPH, AM THE REAL STEPH but let’s be honest, isn’t two Stephs better than one?

Steph (Lemonade1Sonic): In June 2011, a penguin strangely obsessed with the stupendous film Lemonade Mouth stumbled upon the greatest warriors of all time. Wearing various shades of blue, these warriors stood tall in formation. “THE ICE WARRIORS OF CP”, they chanted, “ICE WARRIORS FOREVER”. One couldn’t help but feel compelled to join them. Various waddling penguins began to change out of their black hoodies and checkered vans into blue hockey jerseys, blue guitars, and the color blue. Quickly, I waddled to the Stadium in hopes of finding a blue jersey to wear. The smell of the freshly cut grass filled the area as I searched for the Sports Catalogue so that I may join these warriors. Spending the little bit of coin in my pocket, I changed into my jersey and put on whatever other blue items I had. I quickly ran back to the Snow Forts to see the warriors in a different formation from before. I joined them and attempted to follow their tactics. Soon enough, I was officially a member of the Ice Warriors of Club Penguin. Years of service passed me by as I traveled across the snow-laden lands of CP. Seeking out new territory for IW, we had traveled far and wide. We had won countless battles. I even became an owner at one point, the equivalent of Trusted Staff in the ancient days. Many recognized the name Lemon (and Lemonade) within the Ice Warriors community, and slowly throughout the entire army community.

A young ℓємσηa∂є1ѕσηι¢ stumbling upon an ancient Ice Warriors event between tactics.

Despite all the glory that I had received in the Ice Warriors, I vanished. I decided that I did not want to be known as “ℓємσηa∂є1ѕσηι¢” from the Ice Warriors. There was more to me than an obsession with a breathtaking Disney film from April 2011 and my iconic name font. My name was Steph and the world was going to refer to me as such. I began a perilous solo journey across the icy lands of Club Penguin. I was even stranded on the Ice Berg for two, grueling months. Eventually, a group of purple penguins found me and took me in. They said they were from a different army, the Chaos Army. They took me to some strange land on Club Penguin known as “Winter Land”. I viewed this as a fresh start, a way to get the name “Steph” out there. Although I was known as Lemon/Lemonade at first, it slowly began to change to Steph.

ℓємσηa∂є1ѕσηι¢ stranded on an Ice Berg, being saved by the HCOM of the Chaos Army.

Years passed with the Chaos Army and I went by Lemon, Lemonade, and finally, Steph. I decided to return home to the Ice Warriors. I learned that they had relocated to a different homebase, discord.gg/IW. This was quite different from the Xat military base I had once known. New members, new leaders, and a new style of warfare made me realize that I could finally achieve what I once set out to achieve. That was until a veteran who had remembered me welcomed me in the main area of the base, yelling out “LEMONADEEEE”. As other veterans began to realize who I was, “Lemonade” started to become a common word at the IW hub once again. I changed my name from “ℓємσηa∂є1ѕσηι¢” to “ℓємσηa∂є1ѕтєρн”. Slowly, the words Lemonade and Steph began to get intertwined. At one point, I was constantly referred to as Steph. I thought that I had succeeded in my mission. That was until the short war on veterans. After the war, I returned to the Ice Warriors. That had restarted the process once again.

I thought everything was going fine until I saw it. At the top of the staff ranks, “𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓅𝒽”. There was another Steph present. This made my mission 50x more difficult. The people who had remembered me referred to me as “Steph” while others referred to me as my previous name. How would I transition the rest of IW to refer to me as Steph? Will I forever be just a yellow fruit based off one of the best Disney movies to ever exist? With time, I began to accept the fact that I am ℓємσηa∂є1ѕ, an Ice Warriors veteran who considers everyone their homie. I will always be known as Lemon or Lemonade, the penguin with the bright yellow nameglow and golden cape at the Ice Warriors events. The real Steph is 𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓅𝒽 but I am proud of who I am.

DrQueen: If you were to decide to destroy a planet in our solar system, which one would it be and why?

Blushock: If I had to destroy a planet, I would destroy Mercury. Mercury is the smallest planet and has widely varying temperatures, so it would be impossible to settle on and comparatively easy to destroy. We’d be much better off settling Mars. Oh yeah, Neptune and Uranus are automatically out because they’re Ice Giants.

Chevy: The planet I would remove from the solar system would be Neptune. The reason why is because I think that is where DrQueen and AbiG20 originate from. Why? Because Neptune is the coldest and darkest planet in the solar system.. I think… and those two staff members are the scariest. Those lines of cold, dark, and scary all link up. It must be where they originated from! They are probably aliens coming to invade the Ice Warriors with happiness, hype, fun, and to scare the heckerooni out of everyone. What the donkus?! If we get rid of Neptune we would be getting rid of microwaves, which is a good enough reason for me! I assume qt Ben and my children would be down for this too. Get rid of the microwaves, get rid of the gorillas, get rid of the scary monster (yes thats you DrQueen hAh), get rid of the Disney princesses, and stop muting Chevy in Water Ninjas. I’M NOT BIASED!!! Join the Destroy Neptune Foundation today! #TAKEDOWNNEPTUNE

Freedomist: Personally, I believe that Saturn should be destroyed because it’s just so overrated that it gets on my nerves. Everyone thinks it’s superior just because it has rings but it’s not the only planet with rings :annoyed:. It’s also the planet with the most moons which shows how selfish it really is :mad:. And of course, it’s also the lamest of the gas giants so why not just get rid of it However, I’d say the Earth is a close second. After all, it’s the Earths fault that I have a snowflakes addiction :iwshrug:

Blushock, Chevy and Freedomist in their outfits ready to attack their respective planets!

DrQueen: Is it tough to lead a huge army with the size of 13K?

Iceyfeet1234: it’s definitely tough, but I have the leaders/LITs and all of the staff to help me lead through it

Comment down below, who you think is the real imposter? 𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓅𝒽 or Steph (Lemonade1Sonic)? Which staff member do you think will successfully destroy their desired planet?

Want to see your question featured in next week’s article???

Go ahead and DM your questions to either Kally or Fusion and your question may get selected!

Until then, Don’t Freeze Up


Ice Warriors Staff Member

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  3. JHWBDU, CHEVY WHAT!??!? First of all #JUSTICE FOR EVERYTHING THAT WAS JUST NAMED, second of all I agree with freedom, Rip lemon tho :((


  4. the real imposter is…… chevy’s bumpkin farm :IWwaiting:

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  7. Imagine not being a Steph.. couldn’t be me


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