Permanent Club Penguin Cheats

Hey Ice Warriors! This post contains the permanent cheats and walkthroughs you can find in Club Penguin Rewritten and New Club Penguin! Shinde and I have put all of the cheats into one post at your convenience!

Cheats in both games

Tour Guide

How do you become a tour guide in CPR and NCP? I’m here to help with that!

Step 1: Head to the Ski Village

Step 2: Click on the “tours” stand and click the bottom of the page to start the quiz

Step 3: Complete the quiz and grab your tour guide hat. Now you’re an official tour guide! Only wear the hat to do the special move, pressing “W” on your keyboard. Being a tour guide also grants you 250 coins per month!


EPF Agent

Here’s how to become an EPF agent!

Step 1: Ask a buddy to send you the EPF postcard. Once they do, hover over the card to reveal the “Go There” button and it will take you to the testing areas!

Step 2: Take the EPF test!

For the run to the red square one, click on the red square to get there quickly!

Hide from the cameras by hiding behind one of the pillars so your penguin isn’t visible!

The blue square: DO NOT walk into the blue square. Instead, throw a snowball at the power box to shut down the trap! If you do this all correctly, you should now be an EPF agent!

PSA Agent

How to become a PSA agent!

Step 1: Click the “M” badge in the top right of your game then click the chat bubbles in the orange box.

Step 2: Jet Pack Guy will pop up, asking you to take the test. Complete the test to unlock the hideout and spy phone!

Step 3: After you finish the test with all the correct answers, you can now access the PSA hideout in the Everyday Phoning Facility in the Ski Village.

There’s also an exclusive PSA catalog in the base!!

Hidden Lake key

Step 1: Head inside the mine

Step 2: Play Puffle rescue. Choose the level with the black puffles.

Step 3: Rescue the Puffle in level 1 but don’t move until you see the squid shadow!

Step 4: Follow the squid, use the bubbles to boost you up so you don’t sink.

Step 5: Find the reef area.

Step 6: Follow the blue until you find a secret entrance!

Step 7: Go into the secret entrance! Make sure to pick up the key to get access all the time!

Secret Book Items (Bookroom)

Step 1: Head to the coffee shop located in the town. Go up the stairs to the book room.

Step 2: Click the bookshelf.

The blue book labelled “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” contains a friendship bracelet. Skip to the end of the book to claim it for free!

The brown book labeled “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper” contains the key to the Migrator’s captain’s quarters. Its located at the back of the book. Pick it up to get access to the Migrator boat when Rockhopper comes to the island!

Catching Waves Catalog (Cove)

New Club Penguin Cheats

The Martial Arts Catalog (Dojo)

Costume Catalog (Puffle Mall)

Music Catalog (Lighthouse)

The Golden Puffle (Inside Mine – Digging Spot)

Rainbow Puffle

Head to the Puffle Hotel and complete the tasks on the board!!

After all the tasks are complete, the canon is unlocked! Head up to the rooftop and walk over it so you’re launched to the rainbow cloud. Stand on the tree stump and a rainbow puffle will come up to you! Now you have a new fluffy friend.

The Hidden Lake (Sunken Treasure Room)

Safety Test

Puffle Catalog (Pet Shop)


CP Rewritten Cheats

Hard Hat (Inside the Mine – Digging spot)


Puffle Catalog (Pet Shop)

Grey Puffle Garden (Dojo)

Step 1: Head to the dojo and read the Puffle scroll

Step 2: Head to the pet shop. Select the “adopt a Puffle” catalog and go to the very back of the book. There you can get the pin to access the garden

Step 3: Head back to the dojo!

This is it for the permanent cheats! It will be updated if anymore cheats come out.


Ice Warriors News Center Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for making this list guys ❤


  2. your penguin needs to be 45 days old to become a tour guide, and during the epf test hide behind one of the pillars where you cant see yourself and then throw a snowball at the camera you can see for a perfect score


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