Results of PB with Nachos

As you may have known, we faced one of our closest allies, the Nachos, today in a practice battle. Now here are your results. And the winner is… no one! A tie resulted from the practice battle since decisions couldn’t be made about who had actually won the battle. People of both sides are saying all three outcomes. Icey, Gord, Dash, 5a8 and I led with help from Alb and 57. Overall, I would say a pretty nice job by both armies! Great effort put in by both armies. IW had the size for most of the battle while Nachos had tactics for most of the battle. To prevent any fued from starting, Puckley and I agreed on this tie. Now that both armies put on an epic tie, I would like to show the pics:

One last note, I would like us to have a practice battle with one other armies a week from now on so keep checking the site for our next PB and other events.

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