Famous Person Fashion Contest Results

Main theme: Famous person

Judges: Shinde, KallyRegan

Deadline: 20th April

Results: 22nd April 2020

Special mention

This weeks special mention goes to Smiley for her brilliant and hilarious James Corden Costume. Well done Smiley!

3rd place

This weeks bronze medal goes to abbieeo for her great John Lennon costume. Well done Abbieeo!

2nd place

This weeks silver medal goes to Gijennings for her um… Interesting entry of the tiger king Joe Exotic. Well done Gijennings!

1st place

This weeks gold medal goes to LawCorazon for his Brilliant and standout costume of Ace Ventura. Congratulations Law!

If you want to be our next winner, Check out #costumes in our Discord server. Thank you to Shinde for setting up and hosting these fun contests for us! Until next time, Don’t freeze up!


Ice Warriors Leader

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