Game characters Fashion contest Results

Host: Shinde
Main theme: Video Game character
Judges: Vader, Yuzy, Kally

Special Mention

This weeks Special mention goes to Smiley for her purple penguin from club penguin minecraft game! (One could only wonder where she got that Idea from)

3rd place

This weeks Bronze medal goes to one of our leaders Flamez64 for his Agent 47 Costume. Good Job!

2nd place

This weeks Silver Medal goes to Shinde for her Big Smoke for GTA San Andreas costume! Well done Shinde.

1st place

This weeks winner is Seebs for his Costume of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat! Great Job Seebs!

That concludes this weeks tournament! Check out Contests to see what this weeks Theme is! Don’t Freeze up!

p.s All 4 of these were rangers!


Ice Warriors Leader

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