Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: February 6th, 2023

Bonjourno amigos!!! You know what time it is!

This week has been busy, which is not always bad because we got #1 on the top ten armies of the week!! Good job this week everyone 😀 and today we have a brand new title! Let me introduce… Games Host of the Week! Without further adieu, here are our Warriors of the Week!

Troop of the Week: Erin

Staff Member of the Week: Sebzy

Recruiters of the Week: Disha and Icey

Games Host of the Week: Jay

Lets start with congratulating our Troop of the Week, Erin! Erin has been active in our main-chat this week and has been attending most of the events, whenever he could. Good job this week, Erin.

Let’s talk about how our avocado Staff Member of the Week, Sebzy, has been doing this week. First of all last week Sebzy only attended two events while this week he attended five, that’s a big jump. He also hosted a Roblox Murder Mystery event for yall to enjoy, and he has also been active in the chat this week. Cg Sebzy 🙂

For our Recruiters of the Week, we have Disha and Icey! They both recruited lots of people into the Ice Warriors this week and are one of our best recruiters out there. That also helped increase our sizes during events. Thanks for your hard work 😀

Lastly, we have our brand new first ever Games Host of the Week, Jay!!! Jay and I hosted this week a really successful Roblox event that many of you came and enjoyed, and Jay did an amazing job at hosting this! Good job jay 😀 you deserve this!

That’s it for this weeks Warriors of the Week! We are very proud of everyone’s efforts this week that led us to being #1 army of the week. Keep it up guys! See yall next week and don’t forget to DREAM BIG DREAMS 👑 

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