Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: December 30th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

Since the CCXII Tournament started all the troops and staff have worked hard as a result we made it into the semi-finals! Hard work has made a good result for us this year :iwsalute:. With that, we’ve made some lists of people has been active for the last month of the year!

Troops of the Week: April, NPC_FOR_REAL, Jojo Teri, TheOne, High

Staff Members of the Week: Chek, Mewpup, Disha, Jakob, Sebzy

Recruiter of the Week: Icey, Jakob, Disha

First off, congrats to all of the Troops of the Week! April, NPC_FOR_REAL, Jojo Teri, TheOne & High have been attending CPAB and game events. They’re also active in our main chat, interacting with other troops and staff. Without you guys, Ice Warriors would be nothing. Thank you!

Second would be Ice Warriors greatest helper, the staff! Congrats to all of the Staff Members of the WeekThey all have worked hard doing the staff duties, especially during CCXII with the preparations we have to do. Aside from that, they’re still able to join the events and chat with you guys! Thank you, you deserve this role ♥️

Last would be the underdog of Ice Warriors, recruiters! Congrats to the three of them for receiving Recruiter of the WeekWithout them, new troops wouldn’t be in the server and making it active. They’re one of the best recruiters we have around this month. Thank you!

Once again, congrats to all of you guys for getting this title! Because of your hard work will not be unnoticed. Congratulate to all of them in the main chat if you can! As 2023 is near, Ice Warriors’ leadership team wants to say Happy New Year to everyone! Cheers to a greater year 🎉



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