Trivia Thursday #71

Hello Ice Warriors, it’s time for another Trivia Thursday on the first day of September! Crazy things happened last month with declaration of war to SWAT and many staff promos 👀. Sadly, with no winners from last Trivia Thursday, let’s see what the answers were:

1) True
2) Ramen/Hanae & Jay
3) 12
4) A. DrQueen
5) Custom emoji, Custom sticker, Nitro giveaway, Robux giveaway


Now we get that aside, let’s move on to this week’s questions :E5:. First of all, we’ll have around 5 questions you need to answer. There will be various questions, from short answers, multiple-choice, and fill in the blanks. Getting all the answers correct and send it to my DM, you’ll get snowflakes, and you can buy roles with it in the #🏦┃shop. And here are the questions:

1) Name one staff that have been promoted this week

2) Which land that we currently have? (you can check #⭐┃starboard)

A. Cairo   B. Ongodica   C. East Wind   D. Hot Chocolate

3) Name 3 armies that have joined in the war against SWAT

4) True or False: An army called Amog Us raided one of SWAT’s event


And that’s it, are you able to answer them all? DM to Cloudy512#8777 your answers and the first three will get the snowflakes prize! Don’t forget to check our events coming up #⚔┃iw-civil-war #⚔┃ausia-war-battle see you there :iwsalute:. And peace out!



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