Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we had a event on Ice Age. The event was good size for a UK division averaging about 20 people with a max of 25 at one point. Our UK division still has alot of work to do and needs to become stronger to match our US division but for a UK event it was good.

Unfortunately my lightshot decided to break at the beginning of the event, so we only have 1 picture given by a fellow owner.


 The picture was taken near the end of the event with only showing 16-18 penguins. 

Overall it was a good event but can be improved. I’m again thankful to all the troops that logged on!

-Spikey [IW Temporary Leader]

5 Responses

  1. I came because that’s what cool people do


  2. Came


  3. came but was on a diff account


  4. came


  5. I attended this event


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