BIA Halloween Party + PB with Templars + Costumes Contest

Happy Halloween!

Today we logged on Tuxedo for an amazing halloween party with our brother allies, the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation! Also we had a PB with Templars too!

We practiced some tactics, formations, room switches and had a lot of fun. Also, we made a Halloween Costumes Contest. Congratulations to Penguieeween, E45e, Lemonade1sonic and MyFenceBroke on winning the contest!

Thanks to everyone who attended today, have an awesome Halloween!

Ice Warriors Max: 48

Battle Pictures!

Make sure to click #halloweeen-showdown channel in discord for our last round of Halloween Showdown! This will be the last chance to get the @Halloween Ruler 🎃 role in our discord so make sure to come this Sunday!!

Also make sure to click #event-information for our U-Lead Training this Sunday too!

Don’t Step On Black Ice

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