Fan Art Friday #7

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s time for Fan Art Friday! We have a lot of wonderful artists posting their work! Let’s see some of this week’s creations!

First up we have a cute panda sketch by Sergeant Cyan!

Next, we have a very detailed Gacha edit by our Marshall Clovini!

Third is a husky puppy drawn by our Private kAi!

Then we have a beautiful sunset acrylic painting by Head Lieutenant Diamond!

Last but not least, we have an awesome ceiling tile art piece from Skylor!

Remember to post your art in #fan-art for a chance to get featured! Comment down below which one your favorite is, and always remember…

Don’t Freeze Up!


Ice Warriors Staff in Training

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  2. Superior first post Yey! And also amazing art by everybody omg, proves that we are the most talented army out there 💙

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