Fan Art Friday #25

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today I’m bringing you some brand new art from our extremely talented IW troops! Do you want your art in Fanart Friday? Draw something and post it in the #fan-art channel on our discord! It can be anything as long as it follows our rules! That being said, let’s see what creations were made this week!

First up we have an amazing drawing of Kakshi Hatake (a character from Naruto) from one of our Staff in training; ReddyRed!

Subster: What inspired you to make this drawing?
Reddy: I made this drawing for one of my best friends, Alex, a fellow Staff in Training. His PFP was pf those characters from Naruto, so I thought of drawing that!

Drawn by ReddyRed!


Next up we have some amazing pixel art of our Trusted Staff member: Purple! Created by another Trusted Staff: Josh!

Subster: What inspired you to make this drawing?

Josh: So, this I’d like to say is much like appreciation art for one of the staff members of IW. You can obviously tell who it’s for just by seeing the background color. Anyways, this is meant to be a pixelated remake of Purple’s penguin. I didn’t have this made by request, it was just something I really wanted to work on so badly just to show that Purple is special. Expect more appreciation art to come at a later time because I’m craving for more ideas.

Drawn by Josh!


We have some more amazing art from our troop: Skylor! She drew ZiM from Invader Zim!

Subster: What inspired you to make this drawing?

Skylor: My inspiration was ZiM! That’s about it

Drawn by Skylor!

Next up we have an adorable drawing of a character from the show: Camp Camp, drawn by our troop: V4MP6RE!

Subster: What inspired you to make this drawing?

V4AMP6ER: oh wow! i drew this piece because i enjoy this show called camp camp! i decided to draw this character because i can relate to her a lot.

Drawn by V4AMP6RE!


Here we have a drawing of a Minecraft Cat from our troop Opstic!

Subster: What inspired you to make this drawing?

Opstic: I got inspired by a Minecraft cat-

Drawn by Opstic!

Last but certainly not least, we have adorable Pichu pixel art from our troop RealJoe!


Subster: What inspired you to make this drawing?

RealJoe: well, I guess pokemon are cool, and Josh is cool, and Josh is Pichu and I like pixel art so I tried to make my own. It took me a while to do, and I looked at other art to help me out

Drawn by RealJoe


That’s all for this week’s Fan-art! I cant wait to see more art from all our troops! If you’d like to submit your art for the post make sure you put your art in our #fan-art channel!

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