NewCP Summer Party missions (last part) and new code

Hi there!

This is the last part of Summer Party missions on New Club Penguin! Log on and get some free and rare items!


To complete that mission you have to play 3 Catchin’ Waves games (you can find that game at the Cove) and earn more than 300 points in each of them! After that you will get the Green Tropical Cup.

Also remember to claim a free item – the Pink Inflatable Duck.


You have to help 4 puffles escape from the water at the Beach and at the Cove. Reward – a Green Glasses.

Also remember to claim a daily free item – a Pink Glasses.


Just collect free items – the Lemonade and the Purple Flippers

Remember to use the new code – 50KUSERS and get 3 free items and 2500 coins!

That’s all for now guys! Enjoy your time on New Club Penguin and remember to check out #events-information on our discord server!

NewCP Summer Party missions and new code

Greetings Warriors!

Are you ready to finish new Summer Party missions on the New Club Penguin and get some free items? Follow steps below!


To complete that mission you have to get the Inflatable Duck from the Clothes Shop, wear only this and go to the Beach and Cove and swim (press D). You will get a Pineapple Pin

Also remember to claim the free Blue Giants Glasses


To complete that mission you have to build 5 sand castles. To do this, go to the Beach, the Dock, Town, Snow Forst and Forest. At the end you will get the Red Giant Glasses.

Remember to claim the free item – a Sunset Background

Also check out the new code – SUSHISHOP which will give you 3 free items and 1000 coins!

That’s all for now! Stay tune with our discord for more New Club Penguin cheats and of course check #events-information






NewCP SUMMER PARTY – Ice Cream Hunt and free items

Hi guys!

The long-awaited Summer Party on New Club Penguin starts today! Log on and get some free items by completing missions or searching for them on island!


You have to find 4 ice cream cup which are hidden somewhere on NewCP.

  1. The first ice cream cup is hidden in the Forest.

2. The second one is hidden at The Dock.

3. The third ice cream cup is hidden in the Snow Forts

4. The last ice cream cup is hidden in the Town

When you collect all ice cream cups go back to the Cove and stand near the sushi shack and claim the reward – the Orange Lei.


Click on the beach ball on the top left corner and get a Beach Background.

Go to the Plaza and get a Coral Crown.

That’s all guys! Stay tune with our discord for more cheats!

CPR and July 2020 Hidden Clothes

Hi guys!

Let’s check how many beautiful clothes are hidden in Penguin Style July 2020 catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten!

On the first 2 pages you can find the Queen’s Crown, the Wizard Hat and the Lady’s Gown.

On the nest pages you can find the Queen’s Dress, the Amethyst Dress and the Amethyst Hat.

Check out next pages! You can find the Purple Magic Wand, the Blue Dragon’s Feet and The Twister, the Golden Fairy Wings, Fairy Flight Outfit.

You can also find the Inflatable Duck, The Befluttered and the Life Jacket.

Look close and you will find the Striped Rugby Shirt, the Blue Duck and the Yellow Sun Dress

That’s all for now guys! Remember to check out our discord server and show us your style in #contest

Defence of Down Under – results

Hi Ice Warriors!

Our last defence for Mangoes ended with our opponents’ – Recon Federation of Club Penguin – defeat. Maxing 70 penguins and using incredibile fast phrase-tactics brought us victory. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this success. Don’t freeze up guys!

Remember to check out #events-information on our discord server! See you on the next event!

Ice Warriors leaders:
~ Alex
~ Ben
~ Iceyfeet1234
~ Madhav 2
~ Regan
~ Shinde

Invasion of Sled – results

Greetings Ice Warriors!

Today we successfully invaded Sled. By Maxing 66 penguins and winning all rooms we proved that the Ice Warriors is still one of the strongest army in the community. Starting each weeks like this is our dream – well done guys and huge shout out to our leaders in training and trusted staff for leading this time. Also we would like to thank Pizza Federation for showing up and not being cowards!

Thank you guys for coming! Promotions will be given on discord. Also remember to check #events-information and come on Thursdays training&tournament!

Reminders: IW’s 8th Anniversary next month of June 1st, 2015.

Hi Ice Warriors,

I will not be here from today to Monday, [May 1st – 4th] because my mom’s friend has cancer and l have to help her. I hope the Ice Warriors will keep on track once l get back on Tuesday morning, after school.

Goodluck folks! 

Anyway, check below as a reminders of next month that Ice Warriors are turning into 8 years old!

Iceyfeet1234 has created the Ice Warriors on June 1st, 2007, with the help of Ice Burgh 24. Over time, we have had thousands of people joining and its been just a blast. We’re going to be having something special during that month of June 1st, as a reminder. [I repeated from the month of March about this]

The Ice Warriors will be turning into 8th years old and when that comes, it will be a big – HUGE surprise Anniversary special for the Ice Warriors family and troops.

~Kyle103 Third In Command

IWNH: Polo Field Leaves Club Penguin

Kyle EDIT: I will not be active for a few days, because of my laptop problems. My mom is buying the battery for my laptop because the current battery are already running out [0%] and l am plugging my laptop charger everyday to screw up the laptop when l always type – it stops every 5 secs and l have to keep clicking it and wayy to many spams[which is annoying], as well as the a lot of chunk stuff in the laptop that needs to throw in the trash to make the PC nice and clean.

Also l felt sad when l heard about this – that Polo Field are leaving the Club Penguin. Thanks for everything and the Field Day[Previously Field Friday] at every Friday. Thanks for commenting on my post of Frozen Takeover Confirmed back in July 2014. Good Times Polo Field, and thank you! 😦

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ –

That’s right, the title says it all. Polo Field is leaving Club Penguin today. Click read more from why he is leaving today. Whether he was laid off or left on his own terms, Polo Field, Club Penguin’s social media manager, is no longer an employee. Polo Field is a longtime employee of Club Penguin: he’s worked there even before Disney bought the game, joining the team back in late 2006 and thats 9 years.[WOW!]

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