CPR Catalog Cheats – February 2021

Hello IW! It’s so good to be back with club penguin cheats again, so let’s get right into our brand new Clothing Catalog, released by Club Penguin Rewritten!!

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NewCP Summer Party missions and new code

Greetings Warriors!

Are you ready to finish new Summer Party missions on the New Club Penguin and get some free items? Follow steps below!


To complete that mission you have to get the Inflatable Duck from the Clothes Shop, wear only this and go to the Beach and Cove and swim (press D). You will get a Pineapple Pin

Also remember to claim the free Blue Giants Glasses


To complete that mission you have to build 5 sand castles. To do this, go to the Beach, the Dock, Town, Snow Forst and Forest. At the end you will get the Red Giant Glasses.

Remember to claim the free item – a Sunset Background

Also check out the new code – SUSHISHOP which will give you 3 free items and 1000 coins!

That’s all for now! Stay tune with our discord for more New Club Penguin cheats and of course check #events-information

You’re Not A Threat.

Recently, your troops have attempted to chat recruit on OUR chat. This is just little warning for you imbeciles. If we see it again we will use our power to end you, but again, you guys aren‘t a threat, just cowards. Recruit again from our chatbox again regret it, corrupted soldiers.

Legends Cup Quarter Finals – Results

Hello, Ice Warriors.

Today, we had a very close battle against the Army of Club penguin in the Legends Cup tournament and we sadly lost,  but even though we lost we did great with no leaders to help.

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Legends Cup VI Giveways

Hey Ice Warriors,

 Ice Warriors vs Army Of Club Penguin

//7 PM UK\\

//2 PM EST\\

//1 PM CST\\

//12 PM MST\\

//11 AM PST\\



Noel Power Giveway!!!

Temp Mod!!!

One Month Membership Code!!!

Note: all these prizes will be giving out by me but if we only win!!!

Temp. retirement of Andrew24

Hey Ice Warriors,

I’m making this post for Andrew24  to let all of you know that he has to retire temporarily. He’s been having difficulties with his computer and it has made it difficult for him to come on recently. Andrew will be able to return whenever he can.


~Ghost, Ice Warriors Leader

Dan the Deserter

I have seen tons of traitors in my time in IW, but none can compare to Dan/Dr Flen/the hundreds of names he’s used before.

I really thought that he’d finally changed, because he’d been in IW for quite some  time but it seems old habits don’t change for him.

This morning he left IW to go join BMA and he attempted to blame some other owner for “editing his post and making it say he was joining bma”. When I checked his post’s revisions and it revealed the truth that he was the ONLY one who edited his post. Even though Icey saved him from being banished from this army completely for betraying us multiple times, he dare to call Icey, the ONLY person that has sympathy for him a retard.

Before you call someone a retard Dan, maybe you should learn to spell simple words correctly, which you have proven in majority of your posts that you can’t do.

Dan is NOT to be allowed back in this army.




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