Reminders: IW’s 8th Anniversary next month of June 1st, 2015.

Hi Ice Warriors,

I will not be here from today to Monday, [May 1st – 4th] because my mom’s friend has cancer and l have to help her. I hope the Ice Warriors will keep on track once l get back on Tuesday morning, after school.

Goodluck folks! 

Anyway, check below as a reminders of next month that Ice Warriors are turning into 8 years old!

Iceyfeet1234 has created the Ice Warriors on June 1st, 2007, with the help of Ice Burgh 24. Over time, we have had thousands of people joining and its been just a blast. We’re going to be having something special during that month of June 1st, as a reminder. [I repeated from the month of March about this]

The Ice Warriors will be turning into 8th years old and when that comes, it will be a big – HUGE surprise Anniversary special for the Ice Warriors family and troops.

~Kyle103 Third In Command

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