NewCP SUMMER PARTY – Ice Cream Hunt and free items

Hi guys!

The long-awaited Summer Party on New Club Penguin starts today! Log on and get some free items by completing missions or searching for them on island!


You have to find 4 ice cream cup which are hidden somewhere on NewCP.

  1. The first ice cream cup is hidden in the Forest.

2. The second one is hidden at The Dock.

3. The third ice cream cup is hidden in the Snow Forts

4. The last ice cream cup is hidden in the Town

When you collect all ice cream cups go back to the Cove and stand near the sushi shack and claim the reward – the Orange Lei.


Click on the beach ball on the top left corner and get a Beach Background.

Go to the Plaza and get a Coral Crown.

That’s all guys! Stay tune with our discord for more cheats!

Club Penguin Blog Guest Post By Intothemoat: Sled Racer Tips and Golden Goggles Item Sneak Peek

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ –

Intothemoat from the Club Penguin Team has made a guest post on Club Penguin’s blog with some Sled Racer tips and there is also a new unreleased item in Club Penguin’s files. This item is a head item for all players, called the Golden Goggles. My best guess is that it has to do with Sled Racer, however I don’t know how or when it’ll be available in game. Click read more.

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