Addressing Our Leadership List

No one but the people below should be added to our leadership list:

Iceyfeet1234, IW Creator and 1st  Leader

Albert417, 2nd IW Leader

Bearsboy10, 3rd IW Leader

Tes7, 4th IW Leader

Surferboysc, 4th IW Leader

Kingfunks4, 6th 

Albcoolio, 7th IW Leader

Gtudsd, 7th IW Leader

Andrew 24, 8th IW Leader

SpyGuy202, 9th IW Leader

Ghost, 10th IW Leader

Cargo, 11th IW Leader

Spikey, 12th IW Leader

These are the official leaders, if anyone says anything else it’s false. You have to be in the leadership position for a month straight to be added to this list.

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