Divisional Practice Battle: Polar vs. Blizzard vs. Clown Rebellion

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Alaska for a for a US practice battle with the Polar Division, Blizzard Division, and our friends from the Clown Rebellion! Today’s battle was judged by our very own, Iceyfeet1234!

In case you missed out on the fun… check out the photos below!

=== Max: 58 ===

The battle results are as follows:

Congrats to the Polar & Blizzard Divisions on the tie!
Amazing job from the Clown Rebellion as well!

Amazing job to all Ice Warriors who attended today’s event and a huge Thank You to the Clown Rebellion for practice battling us! ❤ As always, make sure to check out #events-information for a MYSTERY EVENT happening THIS THURSDAY!

Love you all,

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