New 4th In Command

Jack Edit: It is my honor to be able to serve as 4ic in IW! =D


Hey there Ice Warriors.

Today is the day. The end of the world is finally upon you! Just kidding xD. But today Dataco(Jack) and I got 4ic. This day has finally come for me. But now that I’m 4ic, I need to ACT like a 4ic. I will be trying my best to help the army, and everyone in it as much as I can. Im mostly known as Nitro, but here is a list of what you may call me: Nitro, Nitro52, Nitrohammer, Dr.Nitrohammer, Nitromalet, or Ham. Make up some more names if you want. Here is a list of ALL my leading exp:

SWAT 3ic

CW Leader

TW 2ic

YW 2ic

GW 2ic

PCP 4ic( If it counts)

TCP 4ic( If it counts)

and some more, but the rest are from over a year ago A.K.A I dont remember. Well that’s all I really have to say. But one more thing: Never give up, on ANYTHING!

Until next time 😀

~ Nitrohammer

16 Responses

  1. Congratulations 😮 (first)
    Nitrohammer: Thanks.


  2. Congratulations


  3. Congratulations to both of you 😉 I hope yo do a good job xD
    Nitrogen and Data manger


  4. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 CONGRATS BTW


  5. Congratulations to both of you! I’m sure ya’ll do well.


  6. hi ham!!


  7. good to meet you dude


  8. I dont think its fair that Nitro got to make his post on getting 4ic when if I made a post, Dale would be on my @ss for it, and he’d delete it.


    lol congrats you two.


  9. Congratulations Nitro52 for winning 4ic! I thought of a new name for ya: TheNitroDude or That NitroDude, I’ll think for more.


  10. And Dataco sorry I forgot about you.


  11. i wanna join CW and Nitro i got a pproblem im banned forever on SWAT get in that ban pool tomorrow and save me


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