The Completion of Unfinished Business – Official Declaration of War on DCP

For months the Doritos army have been our rivals. As the Ice Warriors, we are known for being competitive and loving competition so our long gruelling wars against DCP in March and April were to the surprise of no one. After our massive victory in that war, we saw some leadership changes and made an effort to repair relationships with the Doritos that had been broken. Through the progression of time, however, we quickly saw that this feat was simply unattainable and this post is to outline why.

The Dorito army, throughout their entire history, has been known for one simple thing; cheating. They are people who exploit situations and other people to get their way in this community. On top of this, their skills of manipulation are first-class along with their arrogance which is fooling no one. Banning me from their discord server, unprovoked with no valid reason given and expecting no retaliation from us? Crying in my dm’s about us banning them? But no, it’s our fault. We should’ve seen it coming when we first began communicating with DCP after the entire departure of Drew.

Now let’s get into this, shall we?

Shinde is the kindest person to ever step into the IW doors. She cares about everyone and is a fantastic leader. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to grow in this army alongside HER rather than anyone from your pathetic excuse for an army. Don’t criticize our legends, #7. 😉 #justice4freezie

Only one mutual server

Messaged almost instantly

Keep an Eye on the link guys

Same link hmmmmmmmm


 How many rogues are in that picture? I bet you claimed a 100 max there. You’re calling US obsessed? US? Yeah… Weren’t you the ones obsessed with declaring war on RPF and “dethroning them”, at the same time expecting us to betray our brother allies for you guys? Maybe you should drop your obsession with RPF and try actually break into the top 5 armies first. You even made some pretty strange gfx of 2 DCP and RPF penguins… I hope the FBI doesn’t bother you. 

This is my personal favorite. By melting the ice, do you mean going 3-23 against us in our fun war we had back in March and April? Those were lovely days, weren’t they? Haha. Remember all those invasions we scheduled and you showing up to 1/4 of them AND STILL figuring out ways to lose? Remember that one Ausia invasion where you stayed up to 5 AM just to get mauled? I’m sure you remember that one 32, cancelling plans with your girl and all. Oh and by melting the ice, do you mean colluding with Epic to rig it in favour of DCP, while we had about 165 and you only 120? Don’t believe me?

Before (Bottom), After (Top)

Haahahhaha IW lost this room because they “entered early.”

You seem awfully excited there bud, no? DCP has been built on the morals of cheating and finding shortcuts. And did I say arrogance? Don’t worry DCP, we have your entire group chat logged.


Next up, Pookie. Remember the rules you tried to pull out of your ass to stop colonies, something that was originally a part of our agreement in entering your league? Remember the server transfer you tried to enforce? Drop the act, I know how you feel about us. We’re not scared of you, we welcome the challenge of going up against DCP and CPAH. You’re such a snake behind the scenes and it’s obvious. 32 isn’t the only one who has insiders (lol). It’s hilarious how fake you are Pookie. And now, no doubt, the people who validate your lil’ bigshot ego are gonna come comfort you, tell you that you are a rockstar. But deep down, both YOU know and I know what a joke you are. Calling us cucks and asking us “Why is there beef?” Oh and Pookie, hate the game, not the player. 😉

Why is DCP so scared about our allyships and treaties? Immediately assuming that they were about them just shows how obsessed they are with themselves. No, they were not about you but way to go with your theories!

Haha. Funny that we lost to our close friends over at DW? It’s insulting to DW to pretend that’s embarrassing for us. DW is a great army and I’d rather lose to them in a practice battle than to be super cocky against Help Force and lose to them in a TOURNAMENT battle. His next point is that we deleted our event pics? LOL. Do you think any of our leaders have the energy to go out of our way to delete our event pics? No event pictures were taken because tactics were given every 5 secs and our troops were focused. Do you think we care about the top 10 score? We don’t even have a reason to anymore, DCP are guaranteed to finish below us every week because that’s their army’s DNA. 

OH NO SHOULD I BE WORRIED HE’S GONNA STEAL OUR TROOPS? Your e-girlfriend seems to be on top of that task Meer. (At least she’s not 14 this time)

Nah but for real though. Imagine being a slave for DCP. Maroon himself admitted to us how awful that entire system is. DCP is the place you get fired from for not getting 20 recruits in a week. Imagine being a troop in DCP, trying to match that 1000 messages in main chat per week and also 20 recruits per week. And if you don’t, you get put in a group chat with the leaders and they scare you about it. Fun, no?


Lol imagine being hcom and slaving yourself to DCP’s workshop 😛

Lets also talk about how the DCP leaders view and judge their Loyal staff members through their #selfies channel. Troops who have shown loyalty to them but they still decide insult them in their group chat, amazing stuff from 32op here. DCP troops feel like the #selfies channel is a sacred place where no judgement is given but when their own leader provides such hateful comments? Is it really worth it to post in there?

Is that how you talk about your loyal members?

Here at IW, we recognize those who stand out and work hard rather than shoving scary requirement down your throats. Imagine having a school and family life and being worried that you didn’t get enough hours of recruiting done on Club Penguin. 😦 Oh and by the way, the following still holds up:

Cmon DCP troops, don’t be shy. You know your own leader Maroon wants to.

Let this talk for itself. “WHY DOES IW HATE US WAAAAAA”


Oh and NDA, we know your plans. We’re one step ahead of you and your proxies. Anyways DCP, here are our war terms:

-This is a head on war between the Ice Warriors and the Doritos of Club Penguin (1v1), no other armies shall intervene in this war.
-No Allies/Alliances nor colonies allowed (or any external help whatsoever).
-Colonies of either army (and colonies of any other armies either allies, neutrals, enemies) are not allowed in this war, meaning colonies of any army cannot either invade or declare war on IW until the war is over or a treaty is reached.
-No dual enlistment assistance (from any army either allied, neutral or even enemies).
-No server transfers (neither army shall send nor receive servers from any other army either allied, neutral, or enemies) after this declaration until the war is finished or a treaty is reached.
-No multilogging, doxxing, or ddosing of any sort.
-Any evidence of suggested multilogging, botting or dual enlistment/use of allies/an alliance/colonies/armies merged after this declaration will result in an instant defeat of the aggressor in the battles where said evidence would be found.
-All battles must be judged.
-All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and the planner of said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders.
-No army can merge into DCP nor IW after this declaration (until this war is over) and the merger will be deemed invalid. If members of said merged army decide to participate, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
-Any loopholes found in this treaty abused by either army in their favor will cause the unconditional surrender of the aggressor thus losing the entire war.
-The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning side.

















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