Invasion of Summit [Results]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Let us remember the 18th of July, 2020 as a day of success, A day where the world seemed right. That was the day the Black Ice Alliance headed for the remains of Doritos capital, and took it for our own, Thus ending the war officially. Why the “remains” you may ask? Their ego’s couldn’t handle losing to our alliance so they left the league and ran away. A few days ago the Doritos attempted to bring back the New Dawn Alliance but their “allies” dropped once they learned what the Doritos were truly about. Disrespecting their allies, troop stealing, hell even disrespecting their own troops. (Read more here, here, and here ). Let this war be a lesson that there’s always hope for the good guys. Even when two judges tried to rig our battle for Rocky Road against us (Aubz u da MVP). justice had been served. I’m proud of you Ice Warriors.

Max: 151

Lets keep it that way

There we have it, the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors are the proud owners of Summit. For the full recap of this war click here.

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  1. Black Ice Alliance forever


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