Misc Friday #4

What’s up Ice Warriors! Hope everyone is doing well, weekend is near so get ready for some relaxation, and good luck to anyone that’s having an exam coming up! Now, let’s get into this week’s Misc Friday, we’ll be looking into IW’s pets, foods, and memes. Let’s see who’s getting featured here 👀

For the first category, we’ll have the #🥗┃food channel. Our first order up, is Chek’s salad, look how delicious it is 😋

Cloudy: Can I know what you have on your salad bowl?

Chek: Absolutely! In my salad, I had pasta with lettuce, feta cheese, olive & onion

Second order is HeadChicken’s fudge, looks like he ordered 3 types of fudges, nice for a dessert.

The second channel would be #🐈┃pets. we have 2 pets that I will show you guys, let’s see who they are…

We first have Axoloppa’s cat named Fox🥰

The second pet is from Vasa with their cute dog 🥰

The last channel, you guessed it, #😂┃iw-memes. This meme, specially made by Alu, showing how short Purple is.

That’s it for this week’s Misc Friday, hope the post can give you a little bit of entertainment from your boredom. Don’t forget about our upcoming events very soon and react if you’re attending #📆┃event-information #📆┃ausia-event-information. And peace out!


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