Trivia Thursday #62

Heya Ice Warriors!

The exams continue to be a top priority among Ice Warriors members, and I wanted to provide a way you all can destress a bit. Pat yourselves on the back because you’re getting closer to finishing up. We ourselves have been holding up as an army, and I want to thank those still being able to attend events at this time. Let’s take some time to ease up, as here with me is the 62nd edition of Trivia Thursday. I’m going to take a quick moment to thank Cloudy for answering all questions. Some answers were found wrong, which can be found below alongside the other answers for last week’s Trivia Thursday:

1. April 30th, 2022 (Last Trivia Thursday was posted before our most recent Divisions Battle from Sunday)

2. False

3. 4th

4. Any of the following work (Chek, Purple, Kapi)

5. May 15th

Briefly explaining how Trivia Thursday works, an article gets posted that includes 5+ trivial questions that involve something to do with the Ice Warriors. Answering all questions means you earn snowflakes, which can help you be able to buy roles in #shop.

You will various question types such as general answers, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, etc. The correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. With all that being said, here are this week’s questions:

1. As of right now, which leader is different from the others because of their division?

2. Name one of the 4 winners for the recent contest.

3. Fill in the blank: Erick09 is the 13th leader of the ____ Era.

4. True or False: Kally has been IW Leader for more than 1 year.

5. Can you name one of our 3 current 3rd in commands?

And that’s going to do it for this week’s Trivia Thursday. If you would like to partake in answering Trivia Thursday questions, you have the comments section below to submit answers. There are tales of an upcoming tournament coming soon and with exams still going on, we’re bound to enter that tournament stronger than ever. Before we get to there, I hope to see you at future events and best of luck if you’ve still got tests to prioritize. Catch you then…


One Response

  1. 1.) IceQueen1020
    2.) Subster
    3.) CPPS Era
    4.) True! (As of April 2022)
    5.) Maya


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