Sunday Funday #29

Hey, Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone of you has enjoyed your week so far! But how could we make it better? I know! A new and exciting Sunday Funday for everyone to enjoy. This week we will have some fun and classic games with maybe… a new never seen before game? Continue reading this post to find out.

Let’s start off with a classic… Word Search! This one will be themed, Can you find the IW Staff? Try to find all the Staff hidden below in this word search!

Word Search

Here are the Staff/Trusted you will have to look for in the word search:

Word Bank

In this next game, we will be doing a Club Penguin Themed Custom Wordle!

What is Wordle? Wordle is a game where you have six tries to guess a five letter word! How do you figure out the word if it could be any five letter word? If one of the letters comes up in YELLOW, it means you got the letter correct but it is not in the right spot. If one of the letters comes up in GREEN, it means that the letter is in the correct spot. Lastly, letters that are GREY, will not be in the final word! For this Custom Wordle the word will be something related to Club Penguin! For example, it could be a game, room, party, etc!

Click here for the Custom Wordle!

Make sure to shoot a DM headchicken#8888 on Discord with the screen that says, YOU WON! Who can get it in the least amount of guesses? :E5:

Time for a fun game of… IW Emote Maze! How this works is you have to draw lines going to each emote! Can you get all the emotes and make it to the end?



Lastly, let’s end off the Sunday Funday with a round off… Guess The Staff! I will put clues below that correspond to one of the IW Staff/HCOM! Can you guess who it is?

1.) They are known for the PFP’s they use.
2.) They are a Trusted Staff.
3.) Their best friend is a COLOR.
4.) They have been in IW for over 2 years since May 15th of this year.

That’s a wrap of this week’s Sunday Funday! I hope you enjoyed and did some of the games. Make sure to DM headchicken#8888 a screenshot of your answers to the games once you have completed them and you might have a chance at getting snowflakes for #shop roles. Lastly, check out #event-information on the Discord Server to check out when are next CPAB events are! Until the next time…

Don’t Freeze Up!


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