Troop / Staff Member of the Week: May 22nd, 2022

Hai Ice Warriors :3

New week means new Troop and Staff of the Week!! We’ve moved from seven events a week to five but even still you guys have kept up all the work throughout this week, without further ado here are this week’s TOTW and SMOTW!

Troop of the Week: chey

Staff Member of the Week: Maya

chey just got double promoted to sergeant at our promo party today! He’s only joined the army this month but is already shooting up the ranks. Chey is almost always talking in our main chat and has been to all of our events in the past week. Congrats on earning Troop of the Week chey and keep working hard, you’ll rank up in no time!!

Staff Member of the Week goes tooo Maya! Maya is currently a part of our Trusted Staff team and is a 3rd in command in the Ice Warriors. She’s one of the heads of our Recruiting Regiment and has really been giving her all into making sure the branch grows and stays active. Maya’s been a member of the army for a while now and is always doing the most she can, thank you for your hard work Maya and keep it up! 

And there you have it, make sure to tell them congrats if you see them around! Want to have a chance to get Troop or Staff of the week next week? Make sure you attend events, keep active in chat and help out any new troops that need help! See you guys around :3  SUBEMELARADIO


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