Uniform Guide February 2022

Hey Ice Warriors!

The February CPR Catalog has brought many great items back, such as the blue cape and even blue face paint! In the post below, I have gathered all the items you can currently find to create your own version of the Ice Warriors uniform!

The official IW Uniform is featured on our website!


As always, the IW Penguin colour remains Light Blue, as you can see on the picture below!

Note: Keep in mind that your penguin colour must be white for the upcoming AUSIA Arena Tournament battle against Help Force!

Head Item

The Blue Baseball Cap featured above is currently unavailable in the Catalogue. Thus, for your head item, you can wear whatever you want to! Some wear wigs, others wear hats, pick what you like!

Face Item

The official face item, the Blue Face Paint can be found after 6 clicks on the Gift Shop Catalogue. It hides in the tip of the right tree!

Neck Item

Luckily, the Blue Cape is currently also in the Gift Shop Catalogue! You can find it on the same page as the face paint, but this one you can find on the hands of the teal penguin! Although it is in the official uniform, many members choose to replace this with a necklace or something similar!

Body & Hand Item

The official guide shows the penguin wearing blue shorts, which are unavailable in the game. Thus, the current official body item is the Blue Hockey Jersey, with the Hockey Stick as the official hand item, that is also featured on the website. The two items can be found in the Stadium Sports Catalogue.

Note: Many members of the army have acquired the Blue Cheerleading Dress (currently unavailable), and it is seen as an equal alternative to the Hockey Jersey.

Feet Item

Sadly, the official Blue Sneakers are currently unavailable as well. Similarly to the head item, you can improvise here and wear what you would like to!

Total Costs

The mandatory elements have been highlighted with red.

  1. Colour (Light Blue): 20 Coins
  2. Head Item (N/A): 0 Coins
  3. Face Item (Blue Face Paint): 15 Coins
  4. Neck Item (Blue Cape): 200 Coins
  5. Body Item (Blue Hockey Jersey): 300 Coins
  6. Hand Item (Hockey Stick): 280 Coins
  7. Feet Item (N/A): 0 Coins

The total cost of the full uniform is 815 Coins, but if you are low on Coins, you can get the basic mandatory version for only 320 Coins.

If all is put together, it will look something like this:

Or alternatively, you could make up your own variation of the uniform:

What do you think, what’s your favourite part of the uniform? How do you make it your own?

Let us know in the comments below, and happy designing!

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