Trivia Thursday #49

Why hello there, Ice Warriors

As we enter and tidy up in February, we prepare for what is perhaps the most talked-about ‘Holiday’ of the month, Valentine’s Day. So what better way to practice our pick-up game than by playing some Trivia Thursday?

If any of you are confused or have never heard of Trivia Thursday, allow me to explain. Trivia Thursday is a weekly game that consists of 5 or more questions. If answered correctly, and you’re part of the first 3 players that answered correctly, you receive SNOWFLAKES, which is our Server’s Currency. But before we set foot in today’s questions, let’s give a round of applause to last week’s Winners… Congratulations to Sirgon and Dave for answering all 5 questions correctly! Here are the last week’s answers:

1. CrazyFlame

2. True

3. IceQueen

4. B, X Form

5. Purple’s

For this week, the questions will be quite simple too, and easy to find the answers to, this will help you guys know where to look on the Ice Warriors Website! We will have 5 different questions where you will have to do some scavenge hunt to answer all of them correctly. Without further ado, let us proceed with the Trivia…

1. Name 2 Staff in the Rank of Command Officer.

2. Name 3 Founding Fathers of IW.

3. What Medal was given to troops on June 14th, 2020?

4. How many times has Purple been banned?

5. Who is known to have Screenshots of everyone, and loves to expose Sid?

That will wrap up Today’s Trivia! Make sure you leave your answers in the comment section below this post! Remember that only the first 3 people to answer correctly will receive SNOWFLAKES. But until then, make sure you keep a close eye on #events-information #ausia-event-information #announcements and definitely check out #🏅┃iw-winter-olympics on the server. Keep on being awesome and chill, and stay out of trouble.

Until Next Time Warriors…

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

One Response

  1. 1) Sirgon and Emma
    2) Ice Burgh, Drumline, Sriv007
    3) Loyal Warrior Medal
    4) 3?
    5) Swirl


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