Weekly Recap: February 6th – 12th

Hey Ice Warriors!

Another week has passed by and it’s time to look back at the events and announcements of the week!

AUSIA Arena semi-finals pt.2 are tomorrow! EVERYBODY is required to attend! Let’s win!

DrQueen is a stinky potato hoarder ❤

Congratulations Melonz on Major General!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] AA Semi-Finals Part 1

Max: ;-;


[EU/US] Hide and Seek

Max: 29


Max: 23


[AUSIA] Puffle Takeover

Max: 23


[EU/US] Practice Battle vs ACP (no-show)

Max: 23


[EU/US] Tip Da Iceberg

Max: 28


[AUSIA] AA Training

Max: 36


Tomorrow’s the day (again)! See you all there!

Thank you to IceQueen & Levelz for helping count the pictures!


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