Sunday Funday #27

Hello Ice Warriors! Hoping everyone had a good weekend this week and today will be the last day before school starts again😭. But moving on from the stressful times we’re having before school, let’s have some fun for this week’s Sunday Funday! Josh and I (Cloudy) have a few games that we provided in the post, answer all of the games and send them to one of our DMs and you’ll be able to get free snowflakes! Let’s get into it.

The first game is Where’s Waldo but IW. You have the task to find one Staff in Training, Staff and Trusted Staff. Each of the pictures comes from each round we’ve had in March Madness. How quickly can you spot each member?


Can you find IW Trusted Staff Chevy?
CPR User: ChevyFridge

Can you find IW SiT Chekdar?
CPR User: chekdar

Can you find IW Staff Jay?
CPR User: NotJay100

The second will be a Maze Game! Get out from this corn maze blocked from Herbert and of course.. corns. Will you be able to find the way out?

Next, is an Ice Warriors Word Search, there are 10 listed types of events you’ll see be hosted from time to time in the Ice Warriors. Try to find each word as quickly as you can!

Word Search


The last one would be a riddle, guess what or who am I describing in each riddle!

They’re one of the greatest DJs in IW
Have a trusted pan and spoon to bang all day
And have an iconic partner on their side
Which IW leader is this?

They love having oat soups
Have a pet dragon
Named as a Nick Changer because they love to change other’s names
Which IW advisor is this?

That’s going to conclude this edition if Sunday Funday. We hope you have a lot of fun with this one. If you plan on completing this one, remember to DM Cloudy512#6826 or josh🌹#5667 once you’re finished and you may receive snowflakes. Alright, that’ll wrap this up, see you next time Ice Warriors!



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