Proposed Ice Warriors Member Snow Ninja Uniform!

While the Card Jitsu Snow Party is strolling along, I have decided to take the time to fully develop a snow ninja uniform for the army. Click “Read More”, look at it, and comment below about what you think about it!




Head Item: Blizzard Helmet

Face Item: Blue Face Paint

 Neck: Blue Cape

Body Item: Coat of Frost

Hand Item: Blue Electric Bass

Feet Item: Blue Sneakers

Obviously, this would suit our members troops well. If you don’t have these items then you might want to use similar blue items in that case. I may develop a non-member uniform later but this is what I have for now. If you like it, make sure to tell me in the comments section below!

~Albert417, Ice Warriors Army Leader

14 Responses

  1. Nice


  2. I am the one who said he should use it


  3. I don’t like it *Wary*


  4. I dont like it because our theme is blue not white. If you want to change the uniform then you can change the snow ninja items with water ninja items =)


  5. Personally, I don’t like it. As AJ said, it’s replacing blue, our theme colour, with white. Snow is not Ice. Ice is the stuff that comes after snow (it usually makes you slip over). The coat looks quite flashy though, but not the hat.


  6. I agree with AJ


  7. it’ll make alb look more handsome, thats for sure.


  8. I agree with honkzo6


  9. And I agree with AJ


  10. I like it, cool look to it …… Gonna be awesome look for the members


  11. No way, keep the current one.
    This has too much white and I don’t want to waste my time playing Card Jitsu snow just for a f*****g uniform.


  12. Well, Cart Jitsu Snow, Water, and Fire are all open to non-members, too. So this could work out. This actually looks more of like a “warrior” uniform than the current one. So I like it.


  13. EPIC!


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