Q and A: Why does DrQueen simp for potatoes?

Hey Ice Warriors,

On this week’s edition of Q & A, I talked to the one and only DrQueen, our potatoes lover! Some of you might know that she has an obsession with potatoes. If you attend our events, you’ll always see her in the main chat telling us the number of potatoes she’ll eat. Find down below the jokes behind it.

Purple: Who’s the real clown in IW?

Orange: Well, you don’t have to look any further than our resident Clown Chris, who resides in Clown Rebellion, He is definitely THE ultimate IW clown. DrQueen and Clindsz are not too far behind though.

Chris: Ah, the biggest clown in IW you ask? It is none other than Lemonade1sonic. She is the biggest clown I have ever seen. I mean, she’s named Lemon first of all. Why would you ever wanna name yourself after a fruit? That is a question that could also be targeted toward Mr. Orange. However, Orange is less clown more simp. Anyways, Lemonade is also a clown because of the fact that she thinks IM the biggest clown, even though I am not. Also, Lemonade is an overrated beverage, and being named after the said beverage is clownery unlike anything else. She is also not OIL enough to not be a clown, and that’s real. 

Lemonade1S: There is a tie between the biggest clown in IW and it is between Chris and Orange. I mean, look at them. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Chris is the self-proclaimed clown king and well, Orange is a clown for denying who he truly is, a simp. Personally, I think that they are both the entire circus and have transcended beyond the ways of just being a clown. I have very classified information regarding both of their clownliness that I cannot share with the general public quite yet. However, there is one thing that I can share about Orange. This is what his hair looks like when he isn’t wearing a hat. The proof is all over the IW server, folks. Don’t be surprised the next time you see either of those two talks and you feel their clownliness radiate through the chat.

Orange is clown confirmed!


Purple: Who really change their profile pics (pfps) the most? Chevy or Abi

Abi: Ok so, this is a very good question that I also wonder myself. If I’m going, to be honest, chevy used to change her profile picture a lot in our SIT days, I remember it got to the point she would change it 4 times a day :e5: We even made a bet that if she changed it, she would owe me 100 Snowflakes. Me on the other hand, I change mine frequently, maybe every 1-3 weeks. The longest I’ve ever kept a pfp , from memory, was actually my Christmas one! Which is not something to be proud of. So it all really depends, but I would say Chevy the dorkodoodle :waiting~9: Thank you for your time, love ya IW :iwheart: remember to react in #event-information<33

Chevy: Definitely Abi, I have somewhat found control of how many times I change my pfp. I only change it multiple times to see how it looks, and change it if I end up not liking it. I assume Abi likes most of the pfps she ends up choosing but decides to change it a while later. Microwaves be like that I guess.

(In all honesty though I definetly change mine more).


So I sat with our lovely DrQueen in the coffee shop for our interview.

Purple and DrQueen having a cup of coffee discussing DrQueen’s potato obsession!

Purple: Why do you like potatoes so much and what’s the joke behind it?

DrQueen: Ahhh Yes potatoes, a fine luxury food! It all started one day when I was a little staff member in Water Ninjas, I was too busy hyping for an event that day when I realized, I left my potatoes in the oven and tho they burned! I had to rush to check on them but the good news they were ok. After the event, everyone asked if my potatoes were ok and I said yes and they demanded I share. So the next day, there was another event and everyone wanted my potatoes because I was eating leftovers. I said the only way you will get some of my potatoes is if you log on for the event :waiting~9:  So, therefore, it somehow morphed that 1 troop logs on= 1 potato DrQueen eats. The joke eventually came into Ice Warriors and has been a big meme since. Other than that, You see potatoes are very diverse as you can make a lot of stuff with them. I can make a baked potato, fries, chips, and more! The wonders of what a potato can do to your taste buds are just…AMAZING, as soon as those hot curly fries lay on those tastebuds, my tastebuds are cheering for joy. My Tastebuds accepts that fate and loves it. Potatoes are simply that good. :chefkiss:

Do you like potatoes as much as DrQueen? Comment down below and let us know.

Got any questions for the next week’s Q and A? DM me or comment down below if you want your question in next week’s Q and A. :Kithes: :EH:. Also, don’t forget to check out #event-information for our next!


Ice Warriors Staff Member

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