2020 Recap: Top Posts of the Year

Hey Ice Warriors!

Just 2 days left until the New Year! In today’s post, we will be looking back at some of our funniest and most popular posts on the website! The list was compiled by looking at both views and quality! Let’s see what the Ice Warrior writers were up to this year, shall we?

Honorable Mentions

Our website is the home of many wonderful writers. We have read a multitude of funny posts, discussing whether Iceyfeet is a penguin in real life (post by Subster), or if he could have been the one to initiate the Covid pandemic (post by Kally). What is a parrot (post by Trinity), and how did the Ice Kingdom start (post by Shinde)?

On the flip side, the website often has to be the messenger of sad news, most often in the form of retirements. 2020 was no exception, as we saw beloved leaders, such as Agent 11, Madhav, and even Regan publish their final posts on the website.

It is important to remember that this website runs only on donations and volunteer writers who put in hours of their free time just to produce these amazing posts. Thank you to each and every one of you!

5. A Day in the Life of an Ice Warriors Leader by DrQueen

In early November, our beloved Trusted Staff member DrQueen took the time to accompany our leaders Alex and Erick through their everyday lives as IW leaders. What do leaders have to deal with on the daily? How do they prepare for events? Could leading an army be considered a full-time job? Read the post and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

4. Time To Freeze by Erick

Although meant a joke post, “Time to Freeze: Official Declaration of War Against Water Ninjas” by Erick has been raking in views every single day! It is rumored that the war declaration was written in the span of five minutes, making it even more amazing! The only question is… what’s the game password? Bring it on you noob!

3. Today is gonna be  the day… by Shinde

One of the saddest, but also most-read posts on the website from 2020 is the retirement post by our dear Shinde. Although she has only been in the Ice Warriors since December 2019, Shinde has left a lasting mark in the army. As somewhat of an army mother, she knows everybody and is always around to help. If there were awards, she would most probably earn the award of “Most Wholesome”. In her retirement post, she shares some of her favourite moments in the Ice Warriors army. Warning: You will need tissues!

2. A Peek into our Minecraft Server by Subster

In early September, the Ice Warriors were invited to join their very own Minecraft server! Thanks to Subster and the whole Minecraft Mod crew, the server looks amazing, which you can explore in this post! What are the mods’ favourite buildings on the server? Find out in this amazing post!

1. Get to Know Me – Creator’s Secrets by Shinde

In early June, the Ice Warriors were blessed by a get to know post, featuring our leader and IW creator Iceyfeet himself! How did Iceyfeet get his username? What is his favourite Club Penguin minigame? To this day, this wonderful interview is one of the most beloved posts of 2020 on the Ice Warriors website which gives it the deserving #1 spot in our ranking!

Do you agree? What was your favorite post from 2020? Let us know in the comment section below!

I’ll see you all at the last Flash event tonight, and as always…



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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  1. LOOOOL, not my fault Water Ninjas wanted war!!!!


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