Q&A: Is Iceyfeet1234 a Penguin in Real Life?

Hey Ice Warriors! This week we got the chance to answer some of the questions you had for our higher command: IceQueen, Erick, Law, Kally and Iceyfeet! What did we ask? What were their responses? Continue reading to find out! 

Our first Q&A response is from LiT LawCorazon!

Q: What is your favourite perm to abuse on Discord?

LawCorazon: Name changing ofc! I love changing people’s names cause it makes everyone around happy. People laugh at it and that is the best reaction you could get. I wouldn’t ever change nicknames if I didn’t know that people are okay with it. It’s just fun to make name changes to something people said or even use them to communicate (if you change two names you can have a full conversation). Also, it’s super fun to watch people’s reactions to names when they enter into conversations late.

Our second question comes from an IW troop, Wonghy111, asking Icey:

Q: Is Iceyfeet1234 actually a penguin in real life? 

Iceyfeet1234: Nope

Writers’ Note: Icey’s response is highly suspicious, nobody has ever seen Icey and a penguin in the same room together and he eats ice cream for breakfast! Why would you eat something ice-cold for breakfast unless you have no choice? We did more digging for some insight behind the origin of his name and uniform.

Iceyfeet1234: I came up with it from the movie Happy Feet and my uniform was just like the old one, but mine had the propeller hat to signify that I was the leader during old club penguin battles when we didn’t have chats to communicate.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t explain much, but this is highly suspicious!

For the last question, we asked a couple of different staff members and got their thoughts!

Q: If IW were to shut down (it won’t happen), what army would you go to?

IceQueen: Ice Warriors will never shut down but if I had to pick an army in this situation, it would be Ice Warrior’s colony; Water Ninjas:IWsalute: :waterninja:

Erick: I’d probably just retire tbh, or in case our allies are still alive, I’d go to either Dark Warriors (DW) or Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)

Kally: Retirement Island of CP

What are your thoughts on this week’s Q&A? What would you do if the Ice Warriors shut down?  Will we ever find out if Icey is a penguin in real life?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Remember to submit your burning questions to Fusion, Kally, our leaders or leave them in the comments below!

Don’t freeze up! Ice Warriors Forever!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff 

10 Responses

  1. This was a pretty nice Q&A, great questions 😀
    If Ice Warriors shut down I’d probably move to Water Ninjas
    I don’t think anyone could find out if Icey’s a penguin irl, he’s too good at keeping secrets 👀

    Great Post 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Amazing post! Love the Q&A!

    Liked by 2 people



  4. hahaha, yep Icey is a full time penguin! The Q&A was super interesting 🙂


  5. I’m pretty sure Icey is a penguin…


  6. Great post, Subs!!


  7. if IW shut down i would def go to Retirement island until i find a good army


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