Get to Know IW, Veteran Edition: Firestar

Hi there Ice Warriors!

Earlier this week, you all voted on which IW veteran you would like to know more about! Today you will learn a little more about our IW champion/veteran, Firestar (AKA smallpackage08 and he’s also my Grandpa XD)! 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Firestar for an interview where we spoke about his journey in armies and in Ice Warriors. Carry on reading to find out more about his favourite memories, achievements and more in Ice Warriors!

IceQueen: Hello Grandpa Fire! How are you doing today?

Firestar: I’m doing fantastic future IW legend IceQueen, fine beautiful evening we have today. Hru?

IceQueen: Future IW legend? Me :e5: ? Omg, thank you Grandpa Fire! I’m doing very well today too! :smile:

Basically, we had a poll earlier this week on which IW veteran should be interviewed for the next IW News Centre Interview and you had the most votes! Are you ready for your first question?

Firestar, born ready for competitive Club Penguin

Firestar: Born ready. :rarara:

IceQueen: Awesome! Soo, the first question is, when did you first join the army community?

Firestar: I first joined this endless amount of torture October 30th, 2014. Seemed like a pretty cool concept seeing penguins fighting each other so I decided to try it out. I actually wasn’t recruited in-game, my friend told me about CPA. He was like “do you ever see these people advertising nachos of cp and other stuff” and I was like yeah and we decided to join the light troops!

IceQueen: LOL. What do you mean by ‘endless amount of torture’?

Firestar: Yes well you see once you join you can’t get out, so for all of my middle school years I was glued to a xat chat 24/7. mindless? nah meeting new people was great and the memories are everlasting.

IceQueen: I totally get that, once you’re in this community it always pulls you back and the people you meet really make it what it is.
It’s time for the next question, how did you join IW?

Firestar: Haha this is a story I love to tell. After I departed the light troops, I joined the Marines of CP for the rank of Leader in Training. At the time, I was dual enlisted as a Pink Ninjas 2ic. When I was promoted to leader, I left the marines to focus on PN. A few weeks later, I made the decision to shut the army down due to lack of inactivity of troops. Leaving Pink Ninjas, I joined DCP (god don’t smite me). After having a misunderstanding with Mustapha10 at the time, he demoted me to 4ic. Obviously, I was outraged and he didn’t take that lightly so I was banished! Thank god for that lol

I then started to hang out on the ice warriors chat in September 2015, because the people were chill and great to talk to. I believe a week later I joined the army for the position of 5ic and stuck in the army till March 2017.

Firestar spotted at a CPO wedding earlier this year

IceQueen: Wow that is really interesting! Another DCP refugee rescued by Ice Warriors :hehe~14: (If I’m allowed to say that lol).

Firestar: Disclaimer, I regret all of my time devoted towards the orange summer of ‘15 :rarara:

IceQueen: :xd: Time for the third question,  what’s your favourite memory with IW?

Firestar: That’s definitely a hard question. IW has had it’s great share of memories but the pinnacle of all of them was leading with the monkey ben (ily bb come back) during February of this year. Everyday, was just hilarious, socializing with the new recruits and building the army back up into the shape it is today. Obviously, my time there was cut short due to personal reasons but seeing everyone that we recruited back then and then looking at how much they’ve grown now is wonderful. SHOUT OUT TO ERICK THAT WAS DIRECTED TOWARDS YOU.

IceQueen: Aww that really is sweet! Wow, it’s so impressive that you were one of the people that recruited Erick who is now a leader in Ice Warriors! We all miss monkey Ben!

Time for the 4th question,  what’s your proudest achievement in IW?

Firestar:  Managing to get Ice Warriors number 3 on the top ten after one week of reopening. That was quite remarkable as it was just myself and a few others recruiting for the army, but instantly competing with the world powers at the time was mind blowing.

IceQueen: That really is an amazing accomplishment! You all must have spent hours recruiting?

Club Penguin Wiki: Account Responsibility Policy | Sdgsgfs Test Wiki |  Fandom

Firestar hopping onto CPO every day after school!

Firestar: From the minute I got home from school, it was hopping on CPO and nonstop recruiting until I turned in for the night. Luckily CPO wasn’t too boring to recruit on so I had fun doing it with friends.

IceQueen: Wow, yes recruiting on CPO was so fun, I miss it alot too!
Time for the final question! How are things currently going in SWAT?

Firestar: We’ve been great! I believe that the chemistry we have in the leadership is fantastic, minus mare, as she’s too busy playing rocket league in hopes of becoming an esports player for some team or something. Besides that, the army is a blast and I wouldn’t want to change anything about it.

IceQueen: :hehe~14: Momma Mare is amazingggg. But yes, she does love playing Rocket League lmao. I really love the bonds you guys have in SWAT, it’s a beautiful family! :swatdab: Do you have any final comments Grandpa Fire?

Firestar: Grapes and pink ninjas forever. Fear the ice. Don’t freeze up!

IceQueen: Love it! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for the interview Grandpa Fire! It was really lovely learning more about your history with Ice Warriors and all the amazing things you did for the army. :iwheart: :iwsalute:

Firestar: No problem! :iwheart:

That’s everything from me Ice Warriors  – Thanks for taking the time to read and learn more about our IW champion/veteran Firestar! We hope you enjoyed the interview, keep an eye out for our next Get to Know IW post!

I love you all! 


Ice Warriors Third-In-Command

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