Successful Invasion of Parka

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we invaded the server Parka from the Army of Orient Seas and turned it a beautiful shade of Ice Warriors blue.

As you may know, AOS unsuccessfully attempted to transfer this server to the Water Vikings, who are currently at war with our brother allies, the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation. May this be a lesson to all other armies thinking of involving themselves- do not step on Black Ice.

Although AOS did not show up to defend their land, we had a great time invading and hosting a training session afterwards.

In case you missed out on the invasion today- check out the photos below!

===Max: 57==

===Event Photos===

… and thats all for today!

Make sure you check out our #event-information. We will be invading the server of Below Zero this WEDNESDAY: 2PM EST – 1PM CST – 12PM MST – 11AM PST – 8PM UK! Make sure you all attend!

Until then- Don’t Step on Black Ice!

Love you all,

3 Responses

  1. Warriors warriors warriors!


  2. ice ice ice!


  3. Fear the ice.


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