Ice Warriors Civil War: 2nd Battle [EU]

Stay Frosty!

Today we logged on Alaska for another Civil War, after much time since the last one. The teams were as usual:

HCOM + Leaders vs Staff + Staff in Training vs Icey + Troops

With funny tactics and funny moments, we made a really amazing event. Keep reading the post and find out the results!

Max: 58

Battle Pictures!

Not gonna lie the battle was a mess LOL, but at the end only one team won this second civil war…


Congratulations to the Staff + Staff in Training on winning the second battle of Civil War! That are 2 wins in a row! Amazing job from the troops and a special shoutout to HCOM for being so funny.

Make sure to check out our Discord server for the next events!!

Kings Never Die

Erick09, Ice Warriors Leader

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