2020 Recap: Staff and Troop of the Week

Hey Ice Warriors!

As this year comes to an end, it is time to take a look back and honor our most dedicated troops and staff members! For this, we have compiled a list of everybody who was lucky enough to be named Staff or Troop of the Week this year.

2020 Staff and Troop of the Week

January 18th: Shinde

February 9th: MertxDD

February 16th: Da Best

February 23rd: Erick09

March 2nd: Caesar

June 14th: Josh

June 21st: Jugdish

June 28th: IceQueen

July 4th: Crisy & ilovepotions

July 11th: Kayles & milla

July 18th: Dizzy & KaideeKat13

July 25th: Lemonade & Soy

August 1st: Blushock & Caitlyn

August 9th: Subster & K!!!

August 17th: IceQueen & Abi

August 25th: Clindsz & Rach3l

September 16th: Purple & Chevy

September 30th: DrQueen & Roman

October 12th: Freedomist & Ebby

October 19th: Abi & Rein

October 26th: Crisy & Steph & Saoirse

November 2nd: Blushock & Krosive

November 9th: IceQueen & Freedomist & Levelz

November 16th: DrQueen & Audri

November 23rd: Chevy & Ghould & Burger

November 31st: Maya & Ghost Girl

December 7th: Turbo & Freedomist & Grace

December 14th: Abi & DrQueen & Five & Sapphire

December 21st: Levelz & Amethyst

December 28th: Bababooey & CrazyFlame & Grace Perfecture


Congratulations to every single person on this list! We also reached out to the four people who have made it onto the list, not one, not two, but THREE times! What is their secret?

Abi: Oh my, I don’t really have a secret. I only try my best at what I do. For TOTW, I do remember, I would spend hours in main, talking and helping people. For SMOTW, I’m pushing myself to try and do as much as I can for IW, so advice for anyone who’s trying to get these two, try your best and be yourself. Or as Clindsz would say, hard work and dedication :goo:

DrQueen: Secret: throw potatoes at the leaders till they give you SMOTW. JKJK.

The secret? Tbh, there is no secret. You put in what you wanna get out. My goal was to become a trusted staff member for IW one day. When I became a staff member, I knew that was my time to shine. I recruited. Recruited. Recruited. I welcomed many troops into IW and became really active in main chat. I did a little bit of everything to help out IW. I did this consistently which is how I managed to get SMOTW twice as a staff ranking and once as a Trusted ranking. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, but at the end of the day, you put it in as much as you want to get out and the leaders will see it. And now look where I am :waiting:

Freedomist: Well all it comes down to is hard work. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed :waiting:. At the same time, you will have to make some sacrifices to put in that hard work :crying:. However, as long as you give it your all I can guarantee you’ll get SMOTW :Cool~1: the real answer is actually having no life but we don’t talk about that

Icequeen: :hehe~15: Hehe there’s no secret per se. I think the ways that can help you achieve TOTW is by being friendly and helpful on main chat to everyone and by attending Ice Warrior events.:iwheart: :IWsalute2: For SMOTW, the key ways to achieve it is by being active and trying your best to complete your staff responsibilities each week. :tlFHeartBlue: :elsa: :glowheart~1: :IWinfiniteDab: :iwsalute:

Well, there you have it. Hard work, dedication, and aiming to be the best troop you can be is the way to go! To everybody reading that hasn’t made it onto this list yet, don’t give up! You never know when it might be your turn. :E7~1:

Remember to check #events-information for our next event, and as always…



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

5 Responses

  1. Freedomist’s response is boring but true.

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  2. if u want smotw u better sell your soul to iceyfeet and live in his recruiting dungeon

    but what do I know right

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  3. Congrats to Crazyflame, bababooey and grace! It was an honor being interviewed :)) btw freedomist’ respose was def boring :hehe:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The graphics are so pretty Kally! Thank you for recapping all of the SMOTW and TOTW! Congratulations to Crazyflame, Lime (Bababooey) and Grace!🥰💙 Also, Freedomist is a clown.

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