2020 Recap: Top Events of the Year

Bonjour Ice Warriors,

For our last 2020 recap, we compiled a brief list of some of our favorite events of the year! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and relax as we present to you…

3. The Civil Wars

The two civil war events were definitely fun and unique. These practice battles, like many others, offered chances for HCOM, Staff, and Troops to lead, however, with a twist – The three groups would be forced to battle against each other. The two HCOM vs Staff vs Troops battles were extremely fun and allowed troops and staff members to call out tactics, showing us their creativity.

Blue troops, red Staff, and yellow HCOM

2. Beating DCP (again)

Who doesn’t enjoy crunching some Doritos? The Ice Warriors certainly do. The Doritos were defeated on numerous occasions with the support of the BIA. We were able to dominate the Chips over multiple tournaments, the last of which was the legendary Christmas Chaos X. These battles were of course accompanied by the posts by our leader Flamez, which on their own deserve a literary award. :salute:

Screengrab from the rigged March Madness semi-finals against DCP, which was later deemed invalid

Honorable mentions

Before we present the event that takes number one, here are some runner ups and worthy mentions. Drum roll, please…

Christmas Showdowns

These were one of my personal favorites and of many troops who seemed to agree on the main chat. Who doesn’t love a new flavor to our usual divisional battles with season-themed teams, oh and the plethora of rewards are the cherry on top of the cake!

Santas vs Elves

BIA Christmas Battle & Party

To celebrate the festive season, we got together with the Rebel Penguin Federation in a fun mix of a short practice battle, followed by a cute event where we went from room to room and took family photos together! BIA ON TOP! ❤

1. End of Summer Awards

And last but not least, the best of the best – The Ice Awards! The Ice Warriors got their suits and dresses own, and hit the red carpet in full style. It was one of the final events before the start of the school season and one of the most fun as well! We voted for many categories, earned rewards, and had fun dancing and chit-chatting with each other. This event was very unique and sweet as it brought everyone together! (Editor’s note: Your fave LiT was promoted after this event :oop~5:)

And that is all for this year! Do you agree with the events we chose?

We would like to wish all of you and your loved ones a fun New Year’s Eve! Finally, a shoutout to Freedomist, BluShock, Purple, and Chevy for their help in recommending events for this article. See you in 2021!


Ice Warriors Staff Member


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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