Then and Now


For the past week I’ve been going on xat just to see whats been going on lately in the Club Penguin army community and to my surprise not much has changed in the past 2 years. You may ask or even completely disagree how I have come to that conclusion, but if you really dig deep you’ll notice the very little and even large changes (Which I will tell you about soon).

I’ve been closely watching every single major army for the past few days and if you ask me, I don’t see that one leadership that pops out. Throughout army history there was always a leadership that was vastly more experienced and considered in a way ‘over powered’.. a leadership that everyone in the community both feared and respected.

There is no powerhouse now as there used to be then. There is no leadership that truly sticks out.. and it’s not because of the downfall of Club Penguin itself. You can look at the leaders of today’s armies and can clearly see the issue within a few hours. Today’s so-called ‘leaders’ do NOT care about their armies they are currently leading instead they’re trying to build their own legacy. They do NOT care about their owners, they do NOT care about their moderators or members.

The only thing important to them is their Legacy. This is why leaders such as Toysoldier, Silverburg, Drake, Trader, Badboy and many others are NOT good leaders.

I can hear what you’re currently saying right now “Whoa! Shots fired!!!”

The people above have all achieved something GREAT. They have all led AMAZING generations..but that was all years ago. Years ago when the atmosphere in the community was different. When leaders such as the above didn’t go afk the minute events are over, when they stuck around chat and seemed to actually care about the army they were leading. There is no leader like that today, there is no leader willing to stick around for more than what they’re needing; to lead an event.

Everyone is too focused on building their legacy rather than building their army the correct way. You can’t expect your army to grow like that, this is why many people fail at leading.

I’m not trying to take shots at these leaders because many of them I consider friends and even rivals at times, they’re no doubt some of the best modern leaders of this era. But it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from; you can’t expect to succeed with little effort. Do not expect big turn outs if you’re putting little to no effort into whatever you’re doing in life.

These people were wildly successful a few years ago, it’s because they were coming from the ground and up, they were no ones.. but it didn’t stop them from trying and hell most of them turned into great leaders. But you can’t retire and come back and expect the same achievements as before; you have to do as you did when you first started.. GRIND.

So to everyone still left in this community:

You can continue being good leaders, or you can be a Great and take the community by storm once again. People follow leaders, If your army isn’t doing as good as it once was it’s not because of the community it’s because you aren’t trying hard enough. The more you care the more your army will care and that right there will spring you into becoming a Great instead of just ‘good’.

I think i’ll be making another post in the next upcoming days or even tonight.

Thanks for reading

~Andrew “The Goat” 24


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