Week In Review- April 20th to April 26th

Hey Ice Warriors,

This week was a very big improvement from the past couple of weeks. We had a total of 9 events this week. Those events were:

2 Practice Battles

6 Training Sessions

1 Recruiting Session

If you add the maxes together from each of those events it would be a total of 206 troops! If you compare the 206 from this week and the 129 from last week that is a huge improvement, and if you compare this week to the week before last week it would be 206 to 53. Even if you add 129 with 53 there would still be a difference of 24 troops from this week.  Hopefully we can keep improving and rising. We have had a lot of new people joining too which means everyone has been working hard and recruiting to improve IW.

Event Recaps-

Monday, April 21st-

Monday’s event was a training session and was my first week back from my vacation. At this event we maxed 17 troops and had an average of  15 troops. This wasn’t our best event of the week concerning size or tactics but it was okay considering the past couple of weeks. (See results post here)

Tuesday, April 22nd-

On Tuesday we had another training session.At this event we saw a max of 20 troops and an average of 15 troops. Our tactics were okay and the event was led by Lootking, IW 2ic. (See results post here)

Wednesday, April 23rd-

This recruiting event was one of our best events this week. We maxed 35 troops and averaged 30. The tactics were good for a recruiting session and this event shows how strong our UK division is. (See results post here)

Thursday, April 24th-

The event held on Thursday was a training session led by Ben, former Ice Warrior’s leader and current 3ic. We maxed 18 and averaged 15, with good tactics. (See results here)


Thursday, April 24th-

An unscheduled event was held later on Thursday. We maxed 21 and averaged 18. The tactics were not very good. (See results post here)

Friday, April 25th-

Since we had over 40 people on chat we decided to have an unscheduled event a couple hours before a battle against GD. We maxed 35 troops, but if everyone on chat had logged on we could’ve done a lot better. I’d say this was the best event we had this week. Even though we maxed 35 at an event before this one this one was unscheduled and was held on a 2 bar server. The tactics during this event were very good. (See results post here)

Friday, April 25th-

After our unscheduled training session we battled Global Defenders. In the beginning this battle was very close. We had equal tactics and almost equal size, but by the end we had better size and it was decided that we had won. We maxed 16 and averaged 14, with decent tactics. (See results post here)


Saturday, April 26th-

At this AUSIA training session we maxed 17 and averaged 14. Although the tactics weren’t great, this is a good improvement for our AUSIA division. Hopefully we can start to have more AUSIA events like this. (See results post here)


Saturday, April 26th-

In the beginning of this battle against the light troops we were easily beating them, but at the end of the event they began catching up with us in size. Since we had better size than them in the beginning, better tactics,  and the light troops stayed in the same line throughout the whole event it was agreed that IW had won. We maxed 26 and averaged 23. (See results post here)

Those are all of the events we had this week. Throughout this week we also had a lot of  posts besides the result posts. Check them out!

(Click the post titles to read the post)

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Survivor: Chapter 5 (Written by Ravenpaw, current 5ic and AUSIA leader)

New Series [Untold Stories of the IW] (Written by retired 3ic, Nickle)

Whats after? (26/04/14) (Written by Shadowaddel8, current 4ic)

IW Improvement – Tactics (Written by Funks, current 2ic)

I also decided to ask some IW troops what they thought about this week.

Question 1: How well do you think we did this week?


“Much better than previous weeks, we are starting to get back on track.” ~ Shadowaddel8

“I think we had a pretty inconsistent week. Some events maxing 30, others maxing 15. It wasn’t our best week, but most of the events went pretty well, especially our PBs” ~Ravenpaw

“I think we’ve been doing better. Troops seem more motivated to log on, and as an army we’re rising together. We’ve done well for US, UK & Ausia getting fairly consistant sizes” ~Cbass97

“I think we did well, it’s definitely a step up from last week.” ~Lootking

Question 2: How do you think we can improve?


“Bring back active counts and add chat on the site when theres an important event for strangers that look at the site, and troops of course.” ~Shadowaddel8

“Lately, I’ve seen a few troops slacking at events and not wanting to log on. At times, IW needs as much motivation as possible so we can have great events and have a fun time. Other times, we just need more troops to help in recruiting and training” ~Ravenpaw

“I think we can build upon a higher standard of expected sizes for events and aim for higher numbers” ~Cbass97

“More AUSIA events, and taking advantage of large chat sizes.” ~Lootking

That is all for this week. Make sure to make next week even better.

 ~Tes7, Ice Warriors Leader.

10 Responses

  1. cool


  2. 😀


  3. 1st ^3^

    Them interview replies (other than my own)…I definitely agree with all of the answers… 😛 Its been a great week.


  4. Massively ninja’d. ;-; ^


  5. Definitely a great week. Lets keep it up Ice Warriors!


  6. Great post, Tes.
    Looks like IW is in for at least 3rd on the top ten this week!


  7. What a great week! Good job! 🙂


  8. good week well done iw


  9. very good sizes


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