Hey all. I’d like to say that it’s been an immense pleasure being able to lead you. I really enjoyed this time that we spent together, and I’ve met a lot of great people here who are honestly so dedicated to armies. There’s no doubt in my mind that if you can put this much time in something like armies, you can also achieve great things in life (including coming up with ship names for other people).  

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my history, I first joined the Ice Warriors in December of 2019.  I quickly rose to moderator and owner ranks within weeks of being noticed by Freezie66 and Andrew24 for my recruitment, bot, and people skills. Of note, I was consistently of owner rank or above in the top 3 armies every week. 

I’ve never had as many stories to tell in the months I’ve been part of armies. I was part of the Ice Warriors when we switched over to Xat as a new chatting platform, then later Ninjas of CP. Some of my friends dispersed to Templars, Assassins, and Ninjas. At this time, I joined DCP as a mod and was promoted to owner within a week under the name avocado. I also started a meme kiwi group, because whenever I recruited, kiwis followed. 

I originally wanted to make a safe space where people could talk about anything their hearts desired. Eventually, we would’ve moved to a different game other than club penguin. That dream manifested itself in different ways. I tried my best to make this community as engaging as possible for you all by including things like ninja’s question of the day, qwerty’s riddles, and fan fiction with cargo. In my time, I’ve also led countless music vc’s, skribblo, uno, and cards against humanity games. As a whole, we are closer as a community with events like these games and the meme competition. I hope you all will continue to host events like this when I’m gone. I was always proud that Ice Warriors was the most tight-knit community I joined. 

As a leader, I’ve had the pleasure of leading our new gen AUSIA force to the biggest numbers that CPO has ever seen. Our best AUSIA event saw us maxing over 40+ in a single event against two armies. At our prime, we’ve defeated five armies in one single battle against the IUA. We couldn’t have done it without you all, our troops. I also have negotiated positive or neutral relations with every army. We successfully recruited the yellow army, trees, and sinners leaders to be our members. I will always take pride in being the second female AUSIA leader and the first woman leader in over 12 years. 

As for why I’m leaving, it’s because I’m hitting that boomer age. I’m getting old and my bones are too frail for the penguins that keep snowballing me on walrus. I am no longer able to dedicate 3-4 hours a day getting 50 recruits a week as I used to. This was the most free time I’ve had in literally a decade, and I’m glad I could spend it with you all. 

I really enjoyed being part of such a wholesome and welcoming community where we all could get online a few times a week on a virtual game about penguins and talk about how couches are the best significant others. I have not seen so much dedication (or this many pings) anywhere else. Thank you so much for being great troops to lead, and even better people to hang out with. No matter what I do in in life, I know that I will remember my time in armies as some of the best moments. 

Although I will have left armies as a leader, I will be around on Discord should you feel the need to talk about anything. My policy has always been open DMs, and this same policy will stand even after my retirement. Thank you all for a truly amazing learning experience. Maybe now, I can finally get some sleep when people tell me to sleep. 

Thank you once again for your love and support. 

That’s all folks! This is Doggorage, signing out. 

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