End of Summer prom & awards

Hey there Ice Warriors!

With the end of summer and everyone going back to school the Ice Warriors leadership have decided to host the Ice Warriors Prom and our very own Awards Ceremony! so get your dates at the ready and prepare for a fun night with the Ice Warriors. They don’t have to be in Ice Warriors!



Times: 4PM EST – 3PM CST – 2PM MST – 1PM PST – 9PM UK

Server: Alaska

Room: Ice Berg


Best Event

1. Flamez Golden Mop Event
2. Legends Cup Semi Finals vs RPF
3. Monkey Event (Bens Retirement event)
4. Agent 11’s Retirement Event
5. Madhav’s Retirement Event

Best War

1. The Badboy war: IW, CPPA, Golds, DW, AK vs SWAT, DCP, Elites, Royals, Athletes
2. IW vs DCP: July 2020 (the one where they ran away)

Best VC Leader

1. Regan
2. Shinde
3. Alex
4. Panini
5. Josh
6. Kala
7. Lvna
8. Barry

Best Quote

1. I am Alberto – Alberto

2. can someone please explain to me how I joni? – Alex


4. I was a really fat child, and then I got fatter (kally: Did you stop eating tayto sandwiches?) I said I got fat not stupid – Regan

5. Catch these hands noobs – Icey

6. GET REGAN OUT :annoyed: – Tomaro

Class Clown

1. Orange
2. Chris
3. Aly
4. Regan
5. Iceyfeet1234
6. Dingle/ Legoman

Brightest Bulb

1. Da Best
2. Pizza Gang
3. Deryk
4. Tomaro
5. Snilly
6. KingMikey.

Party Animal

1. Panini
2. Regan
3. Agent 11
4. Flamez
5. Dizzy
6. Madhav 2

Biggest Simp

1. Morde
2. Agent 11
3. Iceyfeet1234 (for recruits)
4. Mare
5. Aly
6. Trinity

Best allied leader

1. Crazzy [RPF]
2. Cosmo [RPF]
3. Noa [DW]
4. Julia [DW]
5. Spotty [DW]
6. Freezie [DW]
7. Megann [DW]
8. Ganger90 [SWAT]
9. Tistle [HF]
10. Barney [HF]

Funniest moment

1. Turning IW into Bikini Bottom
2. Snail alliance ends CPO
3. The night we dropped our glasses
4. Making DCP run out of the league

Proudest Moment

1.Winning March Madness against DW
2.Defeating ACP in Legends Cup
3.Formation of BIA and invasion of Summit

To vote please copy and paste the ballet with your answers and DM it to a member of the voting committee which are
* Regan#1916

For your vote to be valid you need to fill out every category with one of the nominees, please do not put anyone that isn’t nominated as your vote will not be counted. ONE VOTE PER PERSON! We have ways of finding out the cheaters.

Best Event:
Best War:
Best VC Leader:
Best Quote:
Class Clown:
Brightest Bulb:
Party Animal
Biggest Simp:
Best Allied Leader:
Funniest Moment:
Proudest Moment:

You will have until Saturday the 12th September at 6:59pm EST to send in your votes, any votes sent after this will not be counted. Results will be announced on September 13th not long before our prom event. May the best nominee’s win!

3 Responses

  1. if quote 4 doesn’t win, i’m going to RIOT


  2. if winning against acp for legends cup doesnt win yall better expect me to leave the next day bahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha




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