Shinde’s Final Battle [Practice Battle vs. RPF]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies SUMMIT 😉 , for two reasons:
1) To have a fun practice battle with our allies, The Rebel Penguin Federation
2) To Celebrate our leader, Shinde’s Last Battle as an Ice Warrior 😦

Shinde has been a loyal Ice Warrior and an incredible leader for many many months now, making troops feel at home and loved within our army. We are going to miss her terribly. If you would like to read Shinde’s retirement post it can be found here.

Today’s battle was a great way to send Shinde off, we were able to max 81 Ice Warriors online, did a lot of fun tactics, and had a great time during the battle. In case you missed out on the fun, check out the photos below!

===MAX: 81===




Incredible job to all Ice Warriors that attended today’s battle. Thank you for supporting Shinde! Another big Thank You goes out to The Rebel Penguin Federation for battling with us! BIA FOREVER!

We truly have the best troops in the league and we are thankful for each and every one of you! Make sure you come celebrate the end of an AMAZING SUMMER with us at our AUSIA CAR TAKEOVER and US/EU ICE PROM -both Tomorrow, September 13th!

Until then- Don’t Freeze Up!

Love you all,

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